Picking the best undergraduate for you: The ESADE 5-point checklist

What makes the perfect university experience? What will tick all the boxes for you as you shortlist your favourites? At ESADE, we understand picking your ideal university is tough and a decision that will make the difference in your career going forward, so we’re here to offer you a little help in narrowing the search down.


Things to consider:

1. Learning in English

Consider that by learning in English you’re guaranteed to have a more international experience than if you studied in your native language. You’ll be surrounded by people from all over the world and it’s a big boost for you when it comes to meeting potential employers.

International jobs require fluent English, ease of communication within a global network and more to the point, you’ll feel so much more confident in your ability to land that dream job after you graduate. At ESADE, you’d end up with a pretty proficient level of Spanish too, so that’s another string to your bow!

2. Barcelona

Where you pick to study is very important. ESADE is in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most fun and multicultural cities, right on the Mediterranean sea, famous for art, gastronomy and an incredible climate. It’s a city famous for fashion, sport, technology and is a favourite with international companies, entrepreneurs and students looking to tap into the huge and varied career opportunities available. It has to be fun, but also give you the proximity to the business world you need to get ahead.

3. A Good Name

You’ll need a school with wow factor to complement your own personal merits. One that you can drop into conversation and impress instantly. That only comes from a top-ranked university with years of experience like ESADE.

4. Secure a job quickly

More than 96% of ESADE undergraduate students get a secure job offer within 3 months of graduating. You’ll be snapped up by top companies that rely on ESADE for talented young people with fresh ideas!

5. The added extras

Spending time abroad during your studies is a huge plus. Pick a country and university and do a full semester in a new place. Go global!

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85   23/01/2019

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