pirandello rap inglese, Appunti di Arte. Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano
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pirandello rap inglese, Appunti di Arte. Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano

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C’ e’ crisi, hanno tagliato i fondi del Fus, regista, attori, e tutti quanti si apprestano a realizzare un progetto per fare un musical, bazzicano tra le quinte, sono disperati, rasentano la pazzia. Debbono a breve mette...
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Pirandello rap (musical)

TEXTS: Maria Lazzara and VICTOR BANDA MUSIC: Sergio PALUMBO Directed and rehabilitation of the script: Maria Lazzara C 'and' crisis, have cut the funds of FUS; director, actors, and all those who are preparing to implement a project to make a musical, hang in the wings, they are desperate, bordering on madness. Must soon enact the show and do not know how to stage it. Alternate on the stage two theater companies and a Sicilian Roman, but the show itself there will never be alone, for both companies, the dress rehearsal. Enter the director who shows a hypothetical plot to the actors for a script. The scenery and 'Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Director: The theme of our work is based on a theme of Rosso di San Secondo contemporary of Pirandello. The person in question could be the singer. That was dumb little or almost all talking around her, Walking and Talking, in that remote village in Sicily. As soon as he opened his mouth, told her she had to stay silent and that the girls do not talk too much. As soon as he spoke, even when breathed, the slap. So it was that she thought of taking refuge in a virtual world, read and read until tired, Pinocchio, Cinderella and many other fairy tales. When she was alone, singing the songs finished tasks Zecchino d 'oro and sang a verse of: a house was so nice, no ceiling and no kitchen ... .., because it looked like the house of her and then she liked so much the 'last verse: .... As a crazy number zero. Yes, because in that house were all crazy, you out of your mind. And she, you ask, com 'era? She was not. But since he wanted to grow up to be a singer, despite being out of tune, and always took cues just opened his mouth, people teased and made fun of her. The singer grew up in a hurry and like all teenagers dreamed of her prince: handsome, not even beautiful, kind and generous, and above all, faithful. Then one day he met a man and thought: "Here he is, he will be the 'man of my life." But time did not give her reason, that 'man was a' bad and ugly ogre, always made her cry and not the 'never satisfied. He told her he was tired of his fantasies about her and was looking for a princess with her castle and that he could if he had wanted and would not marry a woman without a home, home, and above all a thing of flesh. She felt cut to the heart and finally realized that she had been betrayed by someone who pretended to be her friend. Then she fled to Berlin, where he learned to sing her stories, then to Milan, in Via Magenta, 8,

where he dreamed of singing at La Scala La Vie en Rose Piaf. One day by chance, she auditioned and went to sing in a real theater, and although out of tune, all they found her, that although as a singer was not worth anything, could also be transmitted to many emotions. And, since I was never alone and if he had wanted, he could start a good story of 'love and live with a man in a gray, noted that just because he sang. Assistant director: What a story, that history and 'this? But you say seriously? There you are, or are you doing? But assuming, without conceding, that's true, right lady. If things are really so, she is not 'alone, many think so. So, I understand that she and 'shamelessly been deceived by that scoundrel, villain from that, from that Cagliostro. In fact I add, by that faker, frequenter of gambling dens, and a thief and a murderess. Of course you'll think I know your man, who is a friend of mine. No, but it is not 'so not like her friend comes to visit you at home, in Magenta, 8, the pseudo-friend. It 'I lent him my services, such as his friend commendable. Commendable! (Pause) It is, so to speak. In fact he said my dear lady, we would have to scold her. Yes, that's right, for his foolish generosity, which in my opinion, and not only that, she's insane, crazy as well as disgraced. But he does not realize, because 'it was stupid to join the cloth woven from that' to be abject to stretch them into a trap and falling into it the whole sound healthy? You got to make a fool of a tyrant, he might otherwise take revenge, but he preferred to make it as slow and awful, gave you the mail, I hunted and I was checking every step and then publicly shamed !!!!! But you did not understand that he kept spies everywhere because it's a loan shark? And now that you should speak to, defend, understand and maybe run away from here and you do instead? What are you doing? You shut up? Are you crazy, foolish, crazy simple. Singer: Leave me alone, now has ruined me. Production Designer: Maybe you're right. And I felt the taste of life depended on the course that I gave little thought and few cases of my illusions that I was doing. Do not think that was basically me great pain, the betrayal of my woman. I sigh, yes, and I said out of myself, which was for punishment, but inside I felt that it was a sigh of relief. But not full, never, because you know she was not happy with either of her lover, as he was not happy with anything, anyone. The course will end badly. And for this, see? Move away from here I do not know. Ruined! You know who is he? The most vicious loan shark which exists on earth! A leech! A vampire! That one. What he began to speak of the ruin of my house ... Ah, rogue! And then ... .. and then ... What my father was at the edge of failure ... That was enough to thrust, to swallow a breath he had managed to establish an agreement between the creditors ...: Him? Murderess! Thief! And 'he who has spies everywhere! And maybe ... but certainly, yes, I sent it to him this morning between the feet that bore, which held me over half an hour, to allow time for him to come here and be surprised ... Ah, what a murder! And how do I do now? how do I? Three bills ... one hundred percent ... I will pay one hundred per cent of those six thousand pounds ... although, though ... But how! You have given them to him so ...for nothing? Three bills with my signature! But suddenly, overcome by vertigo, will visit a hand over her eyes and sorreggerà the little table with the other. Spectator: (during rehearsal): Why do you think that others in your place, if it had happened them a case like yours, would act just like you! That's why, my dear! And also because, outside of specific cases and details of life ... yes, there are certain abstract and general principles, on which we can all agree ¬ m (cheap!). Meanwhile, look: if you close your disdain in yourself and claim that "you and your conscience will be satisfied", is because you know everyone and do not condemn you t'approvano or even laugh at you, otherwise they would say. The fact is that the principles are abstract, no one can see them

like you in case you happened, nor to see it ¬ self in the company that you committed. So all you need to your conscience, you tell me? To feel alone? No, by God. Solitude scares you. What do you do then? Can you imagine so many heads, as all your: many heads are indeed your own, which, in a given case, pull a thread, you say yes and no and no and yes, as you will. And that comfort you and make you secure. It should be 'there is' beyond which is a great game, CODEST of your consciousness that is sufficient for you! Scandal? What a whore? If they say they cooked and raw, in all venues, lounges, coffee, newspaper editorial offices. I have read something in the papers too. The audience laughs in bad taste and meet the actors is angry and a fight that involves everyone. Shadow Theatre: S 'there appears the figure behind the curtain of Pirandello than sitting on a bench, curses to the sky. Pirandello Mizzica! What Kaos! But try today, try tomorrow. What quarrel! Just barrel-eyed, bad words, maybe. Not even if they were .... the bastards! I am still here, and no one considers me? Probably because of my dress, that is not quite like your glow? I've got to put some reflectors to get me out? But hear me? No one hears me? A medium, now retired, a little 'crazy,' s only one who hears the voice of Pirandello and sees her figure in the shadows. Medium: Reflector? No, not necessary. Pirandello: But do you hear me? Someone heard me! Medium: Another ghost who claims to be! How scary! (Ironic) Holy Matri, a ghost. How scary! Exit if no 'I'll kill you for real. Pirandello: Here again? After my natural death? And no. This' too much even for me. I do not eat, do not drink, it 'sleep. I'm good good, sitting, watching what you do. I want to see how to put on this show.And then today me tomorrow for you. You'll see how you're dead. Medium: Azz. Horns and fig. Tie '. Pirandello What language and '? He studied at Cambridge or Oxford? She also aspires to the Nobel Prize for literature? But in any case are always a gentleman and if you were to apologize, we could go to a coffee barley. Medium: You know 'or realize in what age we are? That we are in 2012? Pirandello: How important do you think it may have for me now a widower and in any case, I have since my wife was in poor health conditions I had become a laughing stock because of his madness. The lighting engineer laughs. Pirandello: She smiles? AHHH! Well you will mock me. Stupid. Idiot. but there would be crying, just looking at it, Sicily pitied! He never had a civic conscience because of the many successive domination and exploitation in its history: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Anjou, Spaniards, Bourbons and finally the Savoy. Each of these naked people gave a dress to be worn, but the people did not have the time to wear it once the 'dress changed, and thus ended the Sicilian to search only the belly and from here they were born "men of belly ". (PAUSE) Neither have earned him the voices like mine and like Sciascia, Brancati, Bufalino, we were unheeded, as if it were our own destiny. The Sicilian know what are the evils of this land, but prefers to ignore them, I thought to make them understand that a Sicilian can talk to his deeper self, I wrote: Come even if by the time we quarreled, and the few times we met. Come, even if you are my dear "I," that with careful watch and spy on your mind. Come, I want to finally talk with you, without anyone hearing you. I will tell you the misery of nobility dressed, the man who wants to look but that has nothing.The haughty arrogance of professionals who, in essence, men are sad. Of all the political pundits

pompous, Sicilians, who always do their business for four hands. The civic consciousness of the Sicilian people, conspiratorial, self-effacing and always ready with his hand. Come, it's been so long since you really look, I know that I have for you a lot of respect. Come in the darkness of my pure conscience, speak with love and rekindle the hope of seeing our children and young people placed as now, are only exploited. Come and sweeps the imported American model, which tears and left us empty-handed. Come to demolish all this vulgar little theater, where only the viewer is an emeritus idiot!Come to dissipate the offense to the intelligence, and to speak again the old consciousness. Come, while the river flows peacefully through the night and we can say together: "Who gives a fuck!"

Chickpea comes into the picture 'is still' makeup. Lord of the public (in the audience): Who '? About reprimands? Who 'that? Costume: What a woman ... that woman ...! She was cowardly, even shamelessly deceived by the villain from that Cagliostro. In fact let me tell you: gamester, donnaiuolo, thief, murderess. Lord of the audience: Who has the most, and so forth. Cece ': I see you know him very well. He has deceived you too? The hairdresser chases her to complete the combing. Hairdresser: What are you going? Looking for a tall chicken? What courage that this has to want to start all Starting Over. Guardian: But she has paid for his case servizietti. Cece ': What are you trying to d' insinuate? Keeper: Maybe it's been kind to him? Or he was generous with her? Confused I am. Cece ': What is he trying d' insinuate, not do the escort. I feel disgust for him, even anger at the scoundrel. Costume Designer: By now you, dear young lady is like an IOU. Do you understand? I do not want any more. In fact if I were you, even I would show to the public. Who do you think of 'being. Photographer: An ugly stage? Why such a stage? Singer: I will pay for the coward, I'll see who's become. One day I'll be more famous than Coca Cola. Cece ': But this one is just surreal. Lighting technician: The stupid are you (speaking to the singer), fall in love with a moneylender, is a despot. One that tells you the 'dumb ass flies by and you ran after him for years and years. Singer: The canvas' s I've woven. He held my mail, I did and I follow? I 've shamed publicly. Cece ': But this is just crazy, really crazy. Go against that, against a cravattaro, a white collar. What keeps spies everywhere. Lighting technician: Hush, hush, but are you crazy? The desperate singer gets on a column of the scene. Singer: Oh! Ah! But I do not think of anything I do not care. I do not want to remember and I do not care.I do not want to remember and have no m 'matter. But joke, you do not see that joke. I do not want to remember. But I'm serious when I say love? Who can love me? Who? What time is it? What time is it? Where am I? Who can love me? But why I ask myself all these questions? Strange is not it? But there 's nothing extraordinary! Perhaps I exaggerated. Maybe. But do not worry. You who pine for a passion for me. Laughter of the audience, everyone laughs.

Singer: Enough! Enough! I give 'my heart and you making fun of me. Vile, vile you are. (Pause) My screams start off my chest and me down here right here. I could crashing. (He looks gaze into space, plans to jump off). But tell me have you the courage to be like me? Damned and free? A fury, you are a fury. And you? Who are you? Small and miserable. Nothing you're nothing. Look at his face, in my eyes you can read everything, even the madness if you like. But I'm not a crazy woman is still a singer. In fact you are just crazy, like 'water against the rock. But thank goodness that I and 'voice remained. It is you, then those who are alone.

Cece ': Imagine what life would be ... Several, if not you can be with others. - You, with him ...

Reporter: (to himself), it comes out tomorrow on the front page! Director Roman: Dear Sir, I think it's forgotten all of those who voted for current core, of the 'promises co granne eg participation in social life improves der our ward. I'm in so many days semo aspettallo forward to, I know that I grow old and am just er worm. At the next election without charge pijerà many votes, the votes of all those who Mann quer country! Hon: I came to this rally tene dear people, and Pe Pe tell you all not to tell their own noffink. The 'My commitment now is nice certificate that you just have damme er nun voting Mannato er. The coalition has sciorta and nun had doubts, were for 'tuttu these strange marriages. Eren become pretentious and sospetettosi as boorish and jealous lovers. Propose an electoral program across the board, all for you with no way of escape. Nova generation and the safe working abbonnante eg bread across the nation.I know that the 'know your expectations' a lot, but m' commitment to bringing all of them, without my partner risparmiamme hard work, as a homo saddice seriously cò decorum. Be so good 'aspects of' m de paro years, and drilling of all sorties were your worries. If nun nun realizes if some body is mine, but the cowardly opposition that makes the light. They begin to clap co conviction, for example where the whole event seemed successful. But quarcheduno, straight and stubborn as a mule cry ': You know mo' what do you say: "Fuck!". Trade unionist of the show: The 'Italy is a republic sur fonno work, recited the Constitution nosta cò decorum. Now he's being a little risurta 'outdated, in need of that precariousness is sur Fonni. 'Na Vorta if the hope of studying co' n 'employment, study co now if the certainty of unemployment. If you fill the mouth of big words and promises of, but then we all deal with idiots on a regular basis. The CISL show that preaches national development, but then they go at 'er invested in foreign capital. Then they complain about all of the prevailing recession, there Vole 'na great many raccontanne eg face! Spectator Roman (who observes a body guard): Gigetto and 'a bully atypical der quarter result, often, if it brings down the stairs alone. He wears t-shirt na where c 'is scitto: "From the" nun, but found no one willing to attualla. Full of tattoos on the face of percing think this will help him like peche. Nun er understood that treasure is still the mind and that is exactly what people like. Quanno will discover the 'now very advanced age, will understand that the shirt gave him' na frigate, Monno comprennerà that there ar only Vole pote pe r-core 'found among the world go' s love. Presenter: sheer core Er, der our parliamentary and quorum and no one can deny that. Each Vorta that c 'is a vote nova, je partner takes a large chest choked. He begins to makes' them Caracol processed, eg realized if I can do with their deputies. Quarcuno is 'a little' holes in sight and if it starts to work soon er bon pianist. If time p er Tirà stanzas if you want a moment if it has a puppet of amendment. Quarcuno stretches a little 'p er his speech takes bono der breath at a time. Er nun if she knows if a quorum will be reached,

but if there is that the Armenian has tried. Der nun lost time if it has spoiled, what counted was never a nun fucking drink! Enter a 'an actress' other company, who plays Cornelia, dressed as a Roman matron with open arms as if to show her two offspring. Cornelia: Good evening everyone, I'm the mother of Cornelia Gracchi them, a partner Vorta mostralli said: "Behold them my jewels!" Nun today, if somewhat 'more to say, for example because you know them jewels n'antra thing. Today your company is in the infringement of them gems! Na Vorta we had 'co na city wagons will transport them for example, today you have a sea of transport of all kinds, however, they almost never work there is always a nun' na ar Dichen protest and the girls' co Kiss shipping! "Vonn perhaps because a passage! At Termini station 'na Vorta there was an elevator where there was co put up a sign reading: Lock for jobs. "An der romanaccio people modified it thus:" Still, because it works? ". Since then, not only by then it was' na relax and run now if open season to be lazy and mettegliè label on him. The times were even then Vorta wretched, but if there cantanno consoled, even of you did you remember: "Er progress has made the city but granne chesta chella nun is where he lived many years ago" We knew raise in these times quanno de crisis was sorrowful, for example, I sing this. Singer: I feel a little saddened Quanno, singing a happy tune and syncopated. Body of the partner mind if you remember plunges and all of them trouble me, I forget der Monno. Refrain of the tune: Singing a happy tune and syncopated although in the pockets know 'always broke. But I care nun so 'rich if core partner er always cherish the value of love. Sure to be a nun rational method But I thank God helps us to stay. Er happy time my thoughts return ar And I think the near er well more sincere.

Cornelia: Even in our times when they pulled the belt and if Vorta fasted, but you also put nun is that thirst better, listen to what he says about a retired ar: Voiceover: Er forced fasting is always very hard to think of its magnificent hall and nun ever! This is my destiny er retirement after so many years of honest work and God- fearing. Co retirement you have to be always at Caracol what you can or can not buy. If I buy 'na co shirt discounts them, return them to me at the end nun accounts. Pe where every month I make a few touches of sarva each day of fasting. I dedicate ar damn government as if you were to take a drink foil! Cornelia: Did you hear how it goes Monno er, little nun, if it 'more' na Vorta if annava field and if the war pe 'na right now everything is changed eg when going to war was weapons there and nun to fit I feel happy that says' Gaia friend. Gaia: (dressed as a Roman matron). I know 'his wife Gaia der centurion Gaius, in the family we're all gay, er time that I' lived is er de time of Nero, who had built the 'giant statue der, all those who came to Rome looking to give low limb and if they asked: "Hey Vole indove but this coming? ". Is it okay if he said that he son of a God and that said de Parla cò su'padre gave advice that came to him, then everyone should know that today and tomorrow it should be taken 'na smoky folk, I'm the son of' national bitch you burned Rome Pe de most beautiful hole he put it first. But Rome always remained at certain things yourself as such, we ar time we were there the Romans sur Tiber less fortunate, the poor, Roma settlements are there today, there's' er name was shortened but the substance remains the same. Gaius I started campaigns of conquest Pè, it says that if he gains the

land, then assegneno to them veterans of the campaign, yes Pè the earth to be buried. You tell me what good is the land that you damage if you miss, then the strength of cortivalla? Er subsidies have now Armenia eg the cortivazione and this does not help you so, but it declined er product, then they complain that there is more grain nun and that they will de cereal prices are soaring, but if their mortaci know 'they were er to cause damage. Quanno died a centurion was delivered only to the widow or the sword ermo Pe Pe witnesses who had fought his country, now you the mannan sarma ner lot because everything originates from us because there was plenty o de Rome. Then you say today that the two chambers: the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, er, them in our own time there was only er Senate and things worked well today, everything is a mess, you got a problem nun nun if risorve mortipricannolo. In our time the chaste nun meant that if a pure prostitute and that he was careful to give the nun on 'with anyone. Today your caste is one that gives all Pè Ave changes everything. Then tell me nun crienti of them, to them our time when they ar annava Sportul co the morning and if returned cò spending, now you anna cò spending and nun even know if there torneno the Sportul. Nun to speak to them of justice in our time everything went fast and safe, now it is a miracle when co sti all judges and lawyers failed to sti er known process and get the sentence that has not even certain. Roma nun Bitch you're just the most are always the goal t'ariconosco der tourist and the artist but all Pè sfruttatte Passen. Please please if you Un'urtima Pè born 'na visas were your daughter, a difficult task time the nun called Gaia sins guardavve there is little to be cheerful. Cornelia: And yet in the midst of all this mess there are those who can dream of! Scene: A man sleeping on a bed, a voice-hole field begins to recite poetry: BELLY DANCE DER, a screen on which are projected images of buildings, while the eastern and the item arrives at the entrance of a belly dancer, a smoke a belly dancer appears that mentions some of the dance steps and then disappears. Roman viewer: Now you all two-step dance, they may be the 'effects of' opium that if consumed in abundance around you and that door 'na granne confusion. Stars starlets, paparazzi and valleys, and Honourable Senators granne wheeling, seem haunted any time without rest, I know 'just a pain. Li arson fire damage to vegetation, eg 'is' to spite the civil protection. Each charge if responsibility of statements of co granne umirta '. Nun c 'is to be done today noffink c' duplicity is as if she was healthy wisdom. Eg to find 'n homo true, honest and gay, is like trying' n August nerve usually haystack. Aladdin: On summer nights chasing me a strange dream, I'm in a golden palace in Surt er ago. One hundred concubines all decked out and very beautiful, I stand around and do all sdorcinate. There is one that gives me a grape in a divine way, one that my hands a golden cup of wine. Then Artrè together you begin to dance and my eyes know true where annar nun. Then you enter 'n wild and beautiful dancer, and you dance' na der belly dance frenzied. The ar my eyes are stuck on the 'belly button and I think only quer eg politely tell nun. Er dream is beautiful and has a huge impact over my body from ar inhibitions released. I wake up stunned, surprised and convinced all sweaty and I warp I only dreamed of. I would like to do more nun dream that I'm 'na torture, torment me affrigge and me often to excess. I hope that in the reality that I will find a consolation, but that is only nun er co zolito dream 'alone.(Pause). Cornelia: If you dream of falling in love and if co fantastic mind, we have dreamed of all those in Rome and if I know love is a city that inspires and encourages the love that so many have dedicated songs feel a little 'this: L' So if the love already co did everything in Rome, even if the policy was in love, now it's all a mess. In ancient Rome, was given 'as white ar na pe candidate elections and then use the writings of writing them walls. Today ar nun give more candidates the white dress and nun er because it is intuitive that if you need to explain. Today they put him in the list of posters that night put them in every part

of town and then invite them to meetings or they do eg der party gatherings. A Vorta in the Via Salaria in ancient Rome there were "der vennitori them nothing" as they called them what came to be fans of peacock or trinkets of ivory. Today they are pure politicians place more comfortable and you r nothing they came through speeches and interviews they promise you heaven and earth. The imperative is to promise to keep the keep er only in their place. Assistant director Roman Quanno ar er thought goes and goes past many times I feel a little dazed. I think of 'them an old tape recorder, which rewinds a tape co stridor. The cheerful voices so 'far and crossed, though barely distinguish sortanto laughter. Only suffering is clear and Strigno er core and copious tears scennono der pain. The Auctioneer (drum roll and comes up with a scroll in his hands as soon as you realize that people pay attention to, says the scroll and begins to read the 'order of the Mayor. Auctioneer: Syntax, syntax, hours ca lu ficiru Novu stratuni; carruzzuni coaches and we go. Been careful to cu ... Ca Avissar aviripicciriddi nichi you have something to Avissar capitation Mr. Siccasu know u feel scutulari! Enter now a story teller who stretches a canvas with a panel that is near Orlando, Rinaldo, pointing to the picture with the 'normal wand. Storytellers (or perhaps a gang member puppeteer nunicipale): Here is the noble and courageous near Orlando and Rinaldo Camina, tell us about: "Dear fellow Rinard many duels that were cunta the Sicilian population. Today the above nui scinniu Sulu silence, Chinua mockery, penises and vile ... wormwood Armenu them our sincere cummattimenti eranu and helped the 'men to cchiu beings' true. Today is all sciarrianu ni nun television and you will understand components and Sulu confusion. Nun speaks cchiu 'of the holy and always Sulu parlanu turlindana but every bitch. 'S work was seporta them puppets in the past has been the Sulu' omu now infamous sciaguato. Na fimmina you to vote faciva the Sirino. Today is talii them, all you fannu Sulu a chat. The woman was driven Na votes from 'today there omu' The woman is about Sulu's 'stick to' omu! Caru Orlando have a thousand and one sound reason also I have abbattatu in holy balls. Sunnu our stories and forget them all around sunnu cchiù nun narrated by nuddu.Nun sapi cchiu 's dunno' avi to dormice in Parar more is better nui c jemu tostu years to defilari, nun vogghiu cchiu 'justice dunno right! - Pi whose dear cu Rinard go from there Mon passu to all those champions and lassammuli Community sunnu: Sulu jerks. Cornelia: Although everything has changed in the communications carrier and r we had today, you have e-mail and chat that serve well as a screen if you hear a po'Lei called "fallen woman" If he calls "homo distracted" if I found a contact to chat. She says that if you would like to find, he whispers that he knows how. If they know every day by appointment eg co 'approfonnimento. Me manni you the 'real picture says she is the one you made on them Slideshow Pyrenees. TVB lost my dear lady Finarii I know I will. Being embarrassed gives me coll'antri Dichen nun and never speak a dick! But now there's you in me 'existence, eg chat thank our knowledge. I hope to read from the TVB from you too then I really feel like a King! Then tell me nun der casino call centers, if a blabbering De everything and if you feel confused what happened to a friend of mine. How are modern, modernity today comes to us from every pore, in the summer there, but the sweat oozing out of modernity. All that follows us through our phone like a dog with its continuous rings and text messages or manager's faithful friends, of our or our Ganzo peschiella. There seems to be free but we are prisoners of this infernal invention. Even when you're home and you think of Thee finally relax when you've finished dinner and you're going to get the healthy nap, you're already looking forward to your moment of relaxation and instead, the phone rings! A boy - are you ready, Mr. Victor?

Voiceover: It's me Boy: We are familiar with our Telecom's latest offering? Voiceover: No, look at that for now I have no time. Boy: Wait just a minute it takes me. A river of words you invest and you would like to say: Now I Telecommento your offerings. Another call: Tele 2 We know our services? (Another phone call). We Infostrada, Mr. Victor aspects that tell you how to avoid the fee Telecom. (Another phone call): We are the Centre Alifon deafness, hear me? Of course I hear tell as well. We have prepared for you a free examination of your ears at our office. But what the heck a hearing test if you feel you and I am responding to? In the name of the logic I suggest a hearing test? Cornelia: I also will always be those of trades but always some unpleasant co, vintage hair salon and always give us God's Sarva stetiste and effort that you and pe pe listen to what they said Licia. Lycia: Sarve know my name is Licia 'Thrace came to Rome from where I was a hairdresser and aesthetics and even here I brought them my services in plain sight. I'm always like that trade co carma and co feel you can learn everything from everyone. The cave days came the wife of a senator to comincianno Proloquo arcun without redness. Ar nun told me that her husband pulled noffink eg daughters which he had made a very handsome a tribune co. Er said that while her husband was seriously ar Senate she has found people who made her partner mounts her. One told me he wanted them because he wanted to have curls very pennenti upon them from all male gazes unrepentant. He wanted to be admired and ended talk of the town and had scerto de risorvere problem er co the locks.Nun then tell me the fat man who came for massage er: Licia M'arriccomanno know 'you in your holy hands I'm fat is disappearing from my thighs because I Romulus must always attractive and I'm fat does seem repellent. "Before, if not abbuffeno about every well-er of God and then I have to do a miracle just me. For a limited feeding of said at parties m'arispose nun was exempt from participation and that I was confident in the work of the Holy 'hands eg repurchase of the' bright-line partner tomorrow. Nun's noffink ago are to be the god of craftsmanship and beauty er pat and advice to dispense creams profusion nun But you know, certain Vorta that failure of idiots! Cornelia: Do you feel like you're undecided, then tell me nun De quanno you decide to make protests like the one you made sixty-ner and for which I leave the word ar my friend Otto. Eight: Good evening, my name is Otto and I am a child of sixty. Eighth child of my other brothers who are called First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh.My father and mother were ordered for this. At that time there was the pill and the television broadcasts ended soon. They say that when I was born, I cried. I was innate in me the germ of the protest. My father actually wanted to call me eight and a half as a tribute to Federico Fellini, but my mother objected arguing that it was simplistic and could misinterpret my entirety. My father wore his hair long like they used then. He was a hippie and I was often told that the girls saw him they would say to Bono! And, after a good piacione you liked so much, s'accarezzava pleased with the thick head of hair, convinced that his strength was born from there. As for Samson. At that time they asked who was the cat's long and said it was because Mao had his head in China and Italy in the balls! They were all proud to have made the sixty-eight of sixty-nine did not talk about anyone. My father and mother to the walls of our house had hung posters of their idols, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Wood Allen, who loved and admired so much. They were ecstatic. Their protest will know how that turned out. They cut their hair, have rolled up their sleeves and started working. Thus ending cazzeggiare.

Beginning to take the brand favored by gay Robbe of Kiappa!

Model: Now there are: the shaved, the tattoos, piercings, even at full blast inside the navel and nose. I am part of the ranks of shaved because I lost my hair. Patience, it means saving on the barber. How to change the world. They were the sons of flowers we are the children of peeled turnips. Sorry pulled the plug: there's my girlfriend calling me to a joint. Cornelia: love you too confused and polluted, we had a clear idea of the Armenian ar about them and remember them because we helped them jealously guarded them wretched time. Once upon a time in ancient Rome who committed suicide or was mistaken when burned arm as Muzio Scaevola er, today happens noffink nun and lucky for them they begin to repent pure mafia now has become a profession. Mafioso Penta (in the background the soft sound of a gangalarone): to be mafia now has become a problem, the system is in crisis more than existentialism. Saviano, the Camorra has written: "Gomorrah," for us, we always saw him in that place, what to write "Sodom"? My name is Alfio, and was part of the godfather of the family ... .... please never say the name because now I am sorry, I have joined the campaign of the Ministry of Justice, which resembled that of the Ministry of Defence when it was recruiting young men for the navy: "Enlist in the Navy and girerai the world" and this here is almost the same "Repent and girerai the world." In fact, I started shooting and I shot so much that I even turned the balls. What I could do was become impossible to make the Mafia, they took the mark of the factory, in America they put on games, T-Shirts-you and then say that we who speculate. I once met a guy who had a lace cap and a black and then I asked him: "I'm sorry she's mafia? And he replied: "Yes, sir, you do not see the cap and lace?" So there I have seen from the eyes and told him: "Listen, asshole, turn over the cap because you are a dick-cap, but because you do not have to allow the lace because that is "what we". Do not you understand anything, my poor cousin that pulls the cart out, because he has a job in the interim rinale or as you say, a wife and four children to survive, he was buying food from the grocery store and the little that was used to house on credit and was leaving a delicatessen pizzino signed, you will not believe they arrested him because they said that surprised him as he was passing a pizzino. Now there's syndrome pizzino proliferate and the interpreters of the same, what they're deciphering my cousin and I arrived at these conclusions: Two hundred grams of sausage and they think that it is drugs. Ten eggs and they think that it is hand grenades. Ten rolls of toilet paper and here are experiencing a little 'difficult to understand what it is, none of the hypotheses advanced for fear of being taken for a ride. The Messina bridge in us is tight, and no advances to increase the size, the majority prefer the fugitives. The contract could become impracticable first pick, now with the policy we take it in that place! We seize the goods and leave the evils around. It 'really hard to make the mafia, the better to regret it, at least I can do every once in a good suit with the help of the state, without risking that it is a dress made of wood! Cornelia: Then you also have telephone intercepts in this and that and we put half as well ie pins quizzarello er money. Watchman: Ready who you are, where we call? It is true that you have three pajamas? If risponni ar a minute quiz, you damo der ringer cat singing. What you Dichen nun ar the moment is that you are in is' what do you suck n'abbonamento der charging mobile phone and then leaves you dry as an idiot. Then tell me nun der der Millionaire quiz, which is actually nothing very extraordinary. You give a reward of one thousand eg extraction and they will Pappano zolito supermilione er. Eg phone calls to vote for this or that is all really become a big brothel. Strip the news and the bad in these cases I know black Jene 'always away from the scene. Nun noffink there is to be 'we're all screwed, and I am sure these guys nun never investigated. They do what they want in an instant and never really

nun er operates the only guarantor spiel is always true that the hunger strike der Sor Pannella. Armenian quer poor nun is fasting and breaking them idiots anybody! Pannella nun then calls the current real name and everyone knows there is a great mystery nun. Napolitano nun called him to the radio telephone radical but Rinca er der Quirinal palace. Cornelia: In the words of that poem: "Make the liberal universalist while at home if he is fasting," and feel it mò: Rome wer er you want to greet my dear, you often say that great horned ar vigilant, and that you have learned to be indifferent who swore a lot and gave you noffink nun. You're like 'na mature woman and shrewd, not like you to Dichen Vorta shameless. Followed nun who believe in dreams you came and then only met its needs. Er Tevere it has seen de-heads, I know 'without even got them pants. So 'shared rich, pompous, and very respected the people of Rome has always spernacchiati them. Er nun took power about arcun and nun did she deigned not even a glimpse of. But you have retained er you 'honor Mostranno all Monno er er core only. Storyteller: Songs of the old chiana amuri ni lost, the hard life becomes about our cchiù bitch. Lu blood of so many poor victims innuccenti, figghiu of Sicily do not ppi parts and spite, to about the matrix now avi arridutta minna sicca. Search Furtuna in all the caverns far contrite Huns justice works and we will sunnu layers. Sarba nni lu choirs to the pure nobility you simenza granne was about you and the earth science facts ppi ppi Valira more honesty and you Valint shows lu munnu interu Sicily it is! Homeless: Mom, where are you? I'm afraid I am in this dark room and not have the strength to get up!Remember, Mom, when I was little, the darkness scared me and you came next to me took my hand and I sang the song of the angels, I calmed and fell asleep with your hand holding mine. Where are you Mommy? I miss your breath and almost dark in here is horrible. I hated my father when he left you, has not only left you but me too, because when you separate you leave the children. I felt abandoned and left by my father, I tried to keep believing in life, but after that I was no longer possible to believe I could not hope and my life has become lonely. You're there until you have been trying to get me out of this vortex that swallowed me, but you're also successful because you were alone and did not have the strength to do so. I led the life of a homeless woman always in the same road with my friend Louis in pain, we would always in the usual place in front of people that passed as the goods displayed in the window, that no one wanted to buy goods. Louis passed away two months ago, won on the road from pneumonia. Now it's my turn. Mommy where are you? My hand is outstretched in search of your hand, please sing me back and clasp the song of the angels, then I will fall asleep in silence and peace! Worker: Who Amuru and sad fate in tuccau distinu I, nni travagghiari angustu site study of the dead.The me Peddi all of them stuck sudura, ME throat is all the more sicca granne thirst. Mon Dintra Guadagnarisi loaves in the dark Pirrera, Dunn nun you see or mancu summers and spring, we're all in many cunnannati Star 'or the Community scuru fucilatu against omu lu sad Muru. Anna mine, stasira tornu lu nostru paise, ca cu pay me more dunanu tuttu put lu. T'abbrazzu cu lu tuttu mè sintimentu captains, while the ground I dune lu suli a mumentu. Amara most unfortunate fate poveru surfararu lu, lu lu apart, it is cruel

and patrons is tantu Avarua. But there's choirs mè Dintra lu lu tò tuttu granne Amur and more chistu ringraziu always Signuri lu nostru. Pirandello: In an old diary to give a little time, 'I wrote a brief encounters antique der past, people I've met in my life facenno their brief profiles co consciousness. Er notary andaffarato to all attentive and makes money in a very huge. Er co retailer the balance made up, that you regularly spring 'na frigate.The 'tone as a professional engineer, cor, but if you look all seen profonno partner. The 'dream architect to change Monno er, then there always runs around Girotonno. 'S lawyer for the causes he sponsored, which always springs ar customer frigates. Er judge should be mindful of thoughts and instead he has one hundred. Er pharmacist ready and indoctrinated rimpiagne er time that has passed. Er doctor who visits you, call you and say that what you are noffink nun. Er vigilant always ready to put the nasconnino eg, nerve murta pocket. The 'honorable ready to openly promise, but then maintains its own noffink nun. Er accountant who keeps the books', but the nun knows' exactly where he's from home '. Er sur deceased undertaker who speculates with commitment to prudent and very convinced. People who profess sincere and then when you let go of the real disappointments. The 'Love declared for all the' eternity 'nun who really know where it is'. The 'education and that' really lost and nun circolola more 'between the' human people. The freedom that nun is sought, it seems that is precisely dispersed. The reason is not 'more' applied, it seems just an old worn. The 'actor who plays you believe the duck pate and then when and if it puts aside en. Actor precarious Driven giving needs of consumption, so to speak annato with the 'Honourable Ceccone: "Excellency, I would need is de' work, eg live without a little hardship and decoration co. My family knows, if only hall in installments, I know 'more' than the facts fasts feasts. Children they know 'a lot and very needy, and guardeno only to me a little hopeful. I would appreciate if you could co raccomannazione his dumb 'for the better my situation. Eg this we will be 'remembered in prayers like the one that made us great pleasure. " The 'Mr M' arrispose so confident. "Courage nun if you tear down and be hopeful, I will talk about 'co quarche very trusted friend of mine that will give', are certainly guaranteed a job. Consider it as if it had already risen, nun will do 'more, of course, the lives of' na Vorta, I need a bit of 'time to review bonora if I do' in a month at the same time. " After exactly one month there were resubmitted to me 'Mr Ceccone, our dear member, eg, inquire about his recommendation, and p' sees good bitch in my situation. The 'I told Mr de back' in a month, because of commitments and very unexpected causes of nun had been able to speak 'of my question, but promised all his attention. Er game if repeated 'five times I received yet at the same time. The 'nun urtima Vorta there are more I realized that I had annato idiots. Er is de granne hurt those who need to feed and pe r chasing a dream and even if you honestly trust der politician who promises everything and keeps noffink nun! Clown - Prologue: Why is the daughter of pure madness is genius, you put in prison by depriving them of freedom. Genius hovers with the strong wings of imagination, reason looks stunned and tries another path. Lock up that crazy talking about freedom, no one understands is beyond reality. Fed back to idle their freedom of expression and riavremo the voices that speak with passion! All (toast): In this strange Monno made dead, I want Prenn er cup in my hand and drink, and so much joy in co sincere in what they do is get and what is true. Minute toast to the pleasures of life, nun plots if they are quanno is over; to 'humanity' vulgar, wrong and indifferent, that nun s' de never realize all the people. I drink to 'homo honest and ar villain, the' honest if the rest 'cave Vole everything to charity' and that now 'disappearance and that if it is all' national farce. I drink to 'honest' of our politicians, they promise and not keep so many; against poverty ', which is soaring and is always ignored to give parliament. I drink to our young der precarious work, the hope is of 'a drink instead co decoration; to

privacy' offense now, and that 'ran away, and' just a sad reminder of n 'Artra life. I drink to 'true love and disinterested, there is now only what you t' has liver to the wild popularity ambitious ', nun who knows where he's never decency'. I drink to 'traffic light make-up of authors who have screwed er poor motorist. Discovered that if you repeat the rigamarole and devise n'artra beautiful robbery. Our partner drink a toast to safety work, which is sacrificed wholesale p er treasure that lies to justice 'always friezes. Arzo my cup o ar ber Monno animal, that t 'has always been nice as it was, nun s' bribes from humanity 'and continued to live only in the truth'. The caretaker, while preparing the tickets at the box office does not know if they will sell '. Guardian (between teeth): They turn more and more 'the trumpet here, ricicciano more and more of the trumpet'. For each horn c 'and' bona accommodation, a place in the province or region. If you are unlucky you leave the village and by consulting only ar rich are not immune. The Right and the Left always grateful gives you a magical, beautiful and beloved portrona. They said that abolishing the mountain municipalities, tell it to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The politician now has the flat-line advertising such as rampant candy refreshing. Just to give her mouth a little 'er de pubbrico you breath is immediately frozen! Singer falls unexpectedly from the audience, dressed in burlesque, turning to his mother who is sitting there. Singer: Mom, remember when I was little I said I wanted to be a seagull, is one of those seagulls flying over the sea we saw during our walk on the beach. I was fascinated by their circling and with his finger as I pointed to those who floated out to sea from the rocks. You smiled and stroked my hair, I continued, reassured by your caress, to look at them in their place and imagine closing your eyes and thinking of the thousand reflections produced by the sun on the sea that they admired. I thought this is the meaning of life, even I grow up I will have to soar from the rock of my existence towards the open sea of life. When I am grown up, you know, I did and went to live my life alone, leaving the house that I had seen being born, driven by call of the sea of life. Then, you know, I was deluded to have found love and my home at that time it seemed like our house. This is the joy I felt, but then what I thought was love, has melted like snow in the sun leaving me alone in that house that was no longer my home. The thought in my mind immediately recalled the seagull and I thought that it leaves in its flight from its nest, and sometimes goes for the yearning for freedom beyond its forces reached a tipping point from which seeks in vain to return to its nest, but the distance and the wind often break down exhausted on the contrary, the sea surface, where struggling for some time, finds its painful death. I, too, Mom, I have gone into the sea of life for the yearning for freedom to a point of no return. I invoke your hand that can stretch to me to lead my flight home, the real one where there was a family full of love, but you're no longer there and that house is empty now. My wings have been clipped by the wind of life and are no longer able to fly, I struggle tired and sick and the flashes that appear on the water produced by the sun of life leave me numb and saddens me deeply. Mom, I want to dedicate my last breath of life, thinking about your sweet caresses on my hair blonde, this will be the last image that will remain in my heart, when I gave the extreme wings of my heart and breathed her last breath.


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