Un santo ci aiuterà, Appunti di Arte. Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano
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Un santo ci aiuterà, Appunti di Arte. Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano

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E’la storia di una famiglia siciliana, realmente esistita: i Di Carlo, modesta e dignitosa. In particolare si narra di Giovanni Di Carlo, uomo esemplare e di grande nobiltà d’ animo. Che sebbene fosse nato a Corleone ed ...
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A SAINT Corleonesi It is the story of a Sicilian family, really existed: the Di Carlo, modest and dignified. In particular, it is narrated by John Di Carlo, and exemplary man of great nobility 's mind. That although he was born in Corleone and straddling two wars, and having himself begun his career in 'Italian Army, distinguished himself by noble values and behavior, both in' the family than elsewhere. The period starts from the twentieth century until the sixties. John is known for the great human values, spirit and good family man who is adopted in the 'domestic and at work and in his lifestyle. Men's hero, with great faith and a spirit of sacrifice, which faces its own life and the lives of all those around him with great religious fervor, suffering in silence and through the few free moments to pray in church. His life purpose is: to sacrifice his life for the 'love of family and all those around him, defying all sorts of obstacles and need to raise their children in a dignified manner, taking care of the formation and growth with care and affection, at the same time the brilliant military career. He dies happy, he completed his task as a father, husband and man of high moral value and great humanity. So, it was remembered forever by all who knew him.After years of his death, for no apparent reason or logic, his body was found intact, but that is soaked in the coffin. Another sign from God? Still leaves an indelible mark for posterity, with an exemplary life, though troubled and full of vicissitudes, which miraculously escaped, a personality to emulate. His life is accompanied by Valeria lovingly, beloved wife of noble origins valances, woman in the 'height of her man, who also devotes his energies to family life. We are in 1900 in Corleone, a town in the province of Palermo, which is dominated by the Castello Soprano, ancient Saracen tower, overlooking

houses and Baroque palaces. You see children playing in the streets making noises, clusters of women wrapped in shawls to huddle to share the news of the neighborhood, stop at the fountain on the other to gossip, and there is some dispute; Disagreements emerge, or petty rivalries and jealousies female. The doorways of houses: old women knitting sessions, and hopeful young women, on the curved frames to create the precious embroidery to enrich their dowry. The men, however, went in the fields early in the morning, returning at sunset to the sound of 'Ave Maria, punctuated by the tolling of the bell of the Church of the Blessed Bernardo. Cingolante sitting in a cart, which is advancing in the dim light of the river while the first glimmers of 'dawn outlining the contours of the mountains still obscured by the mists of the horizon of the night. As a Ostier at 5, the family lives of Charles Frances, and their three sons Lealuchina: Antoinette, Lucy and Vincenzino. Francis is a good father and a good craftsman, skilled in carving wood. He spent the years of his childhood in a seminary that is deeply religious. The wife and 'a housewife, devoted to home and children, as the housewives of the past, very good in preparing bread, biscuits and preserves. The house they owned, large and well appointed. There is electric light, running water and bathroom things and in Sicily at that time, only found in the homes of the wealthy. By an internal staircase to the garden alone, full of every fruit tree and from which in the month of May, it spreads an intense perfume of orange blossoms. John Di Carlo 25 October 1908, comes into the world. From a diary of his grandfather, he knows that he is the light at the 'one and twenty minutes. That confused Sunday night, with the first stirrings of the baby that attaches to the womb of the mother, after the efforts of childbirth. He was baptized with the name of John after just six days after birth, from the Sac.Cusumano Biagio, in the Parish of St. Martin. John receives a 'education and religion grew up with a sincere and adamant. The first years of his childhood was pretty quiet, despite the First World War.Like all kids love the game, and 'a little' dreamer, in fact, love often surrender to the wings of imagination. Attentive and obedient, not 'capable of making mischief, but always says with regret, even after many years of having broken a plate, causing it to rotate the game. When the brothers got into some trouble with bigger, the question: 'Who' was? "She starts laughing, it suggests incorrectly that it was he. When you find the real culprits is justified, and says: "I do not know ... I have to laugh." In his goodness, he defends himself or blaming anyone. A school can do it. E'ordinato and responsible, constant study. Latin and greek knows like few others. The grammar and the classics seem etched in his mind. It boasts a rich vocabulary and phraseology in both languages, which enabled him to translate languages, translated from Latin and greek with ease. He obtained a license gymnasium, but the exams, pass the task of the Latin copy of a mate, find it and refer to September as punishment. It is the harsh reaction to her parents, so that does not force him to appear for exams repair, but to enlist as a volunteer in the 'army. She was just seventeen years. He begins a long period full of sufferings and hardships of all kinds, training under the sun and the cold, stuffed into uniforms and boots hard and heavy. Makes the field in Ferrara, where the cold that 'years is so strong that in order to wash your face, warms the tap by putting a burning candle, because the' water 'frozen, and' swarming with annoying mosquitoes, malaria-carrying . In the barracks, always stands out for its flawless performance and 'high sense of responsibility, qualities that allow him to attend school student sergeant with the firm for three years. After four months of his enlistment, he takes the rank of corporal and received an award of one thousand pounds, a great lot of money! Complete the three years in school for students NCOs, dismissed him with honor and with the rank of sergeant. On January 1, 1939 promoted him to sergeant and sergeant major in 1948. Of his work and 'an expert. The registers and records are always assigned in order, it covers the practices were held with skill and precision, without corrections as well as those accounting policies that the loading and

unloading, are carefully inventoried and updated. The same applies to the Registry master. It 'a real expert in the field artillery and other types of military equipment. Under him spend thousands of young recruits from different regions of 'Italy, but also good young unsavory types, cunning men or boys naive and confused. For each and every one had an eye, as if they were his children. And if any of them is sick, he takes care to accompany him to the infirmary, and near him, and if 'the case shall notify the family. When a soldier misbehaves, instead of punishing him as required by military regulations, warns him inviting him to remedy immediately. Then as if to erase the 'happened, jokingly asked him for a cigarette and goes back to work. Sometimes, colleagues or civil servants fight. And him that 'a lover of concord, asking them to make peace. No one knows negargliela. Once everyone was comforted, he softly intones the Te Deum. Punctual in 'the look' office hours is not never leaving it unattended, and if he sometimes gets sick, just sfebbrato within the barracks. He and 'also entrusted with the task of organizing each ceremony, which takes place in the barracks. We are in 1929 in Caltanissetta, John is engaged to Valeria, the daughter of Candido and Giselda Casagni Sacconi, Torrita di Siena, but originating in Mantua. Valeria and 'a very beautiful woman, elegant, refined manner and bearing. She comes from a family of professionals, whose roots are noble. It has a strong character, a little 'bossy, but kind-hearted and sensitive to the poor and orphans. Their engagement lasts seven years, especially Darius and Lambert (Valeria younger brothers). On 6 June 1936, at St. Lucy in Caltanissetta, the parish priest Msgr Calamoneri blessed their marriage. It 'a wedding a little' rushed, because my grandmother and Giselda 'gravely ill, in fact the remaining few months of life. Everything is done without pomp and with ease. After a brief honeymoon, John and Valerie went to live in Palermo. These two are very different in character but God makes them known, and transmit their values are so much richer, their children. That mightily and that Soativer necessary for marriage and to 'education of children, are a law for that family, Valeria and' severe, with a simple glance or a slight puff of hair, puts to rest her little children, John, as a father is sweet, mild-mannered and never need to raise their voice or their hands. October 1936, the mother dies Giselda.John runs in Caltanissetta, and endeavor to comfort the family very well have come from northern Italy.He makes food for all, and so in other circumstances. We are in 1937 John and Valeria have their first child, Francis. That despite being a child awake in time to more worries. December of that year, John will agree to his transfer to the 7th Regiment of Artillery Armed Portoferraio Portoferraio, the capital of the lovely town 'Elba Island, home of the famous Villa St. Martin (residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, after the fall of the 'Empire. It is on this latest news overlooking our house and the place of employment of John. We are at January 10, 1939 was born the second son, Candido, a smart-aleck who will soon to 'seekers even before the age of three years. As a family, everything proceeds normally, despite the first exanthematous diseases of children. But the serenity is short, the second World War was at hand. In fact, in 40, the whole national territory was now finally in full state of war. On 1 December the 40th, "Luciano was born, beautiful child, but constitutionally very delicate (a hernia problem will force him and his mother to shuttle between Portoferraio and Pisa. August 20, 1942 Lea was born and already have four children. War, dramatically increase the discomfort. The basic necessities and everything else is working, or missing altogether. The bare minimum is distributed to families through the card. Everything is not adequate therefore rationed. And 'a continuous sounding of sirens' s alarm and zooming of planes. Even the port there is a large movement. Not to mention the situation in the barracks. My father no longer has a service hours, there spend the nights, and Mom is all alone, with little children so young, who needed care. Bombings continue on adjacent areas of the country that fortunately, remains unscathed. But people also must come to the shelters, and there ' it is peace 'during the day it' at night. At some point, since the raid in full does not affect the country, people grow up in the vain hope that

would never happen. This is why many people remain at home, ignoring the impending danger. The family of Charles never ceases to shelter in huts, for each alarm. Portoferraio But one day is hit by bombs, is the destruction. They come to the shelter, the parents realize that lacks Di Carlo Luciano, the 'one was convinced that 'he had taken the' other. Luciano however, stayed at home! Without hesitation, John leaves the refuge and in the bombing runs to the house, and finds that the child is sleeping peacefully. He wraps a blanket back and hastily to the shelter. Along the way, a grenade exploded nearby from them. dismembered bodies falling everywhere and the houses fall within range of the bombs. A shower of debris touches John, but fortunately they came to the shelter safely, with Luciano cuddled the baby. After the bombing out in the open. In front of them an impressive sight. At times like these, of great suffering, and John 'always ready to support his wife. He says: "Do not worry, there a saint will help. "He always repeats this phrase, with the certainty and confidence that only those who abandon themselves to God with great faith ruthless war still drags inexorably. Every time the 'alarm sounds, it is a problem for Mrs Di Charles, who has to run to the shelter with four children, often without the 'help of her husband who is in the barracks. For this Don Giovanni Pistone, a military chaplain, a first cousin of Valeria, should secure the family, making displaced Montefollonicofrom the estate of the noble Marselli. The family of Charles picks up then you need to collect salvage from raids. They hide in a closet in the house of a 'friend of Mrs Di Carlo's bike and a French bid chest of linen, the most valuable, most embroidered by the expert hands of Mrs Di Carlo. After the family settled in Montefollonico, John returned to Portoferraio. Sorrowful is detachment. The great love that always sees them together, is now in heart of all family members and remember that picture, made before departure, holding them without ever part with it. The eyes of the children are unaware of what the war is causing to the whole of humanity. The eye of Mrs Di Carlo, transmits sadness , with its veiled smile, the eyes of John, but is more serene and bright. And 'the eyes of those who, once again, even tried by suffering, he never loses hope. So while John was in Portoferraio, Valeria must terms with his four kids. After several months of forced separation, and Darius Lambert, flee from the clutches of the Germans from Siena to join them Montefollonico. Signora Di Carlo is no longer alone has close to his brothers, but she has to deal with them too. Portoferraio Meanwhile, German troops occupied the barracks, and soldiers are all prisoners. John is captured by the SS, eluding German and fortunately able to escape and reach his loved ones, bringing along a young Italian soldier, Bonfirraro Louis, a native of Barry (EN), in service in the same barracks. While living in Portoferraio, louis is suitable for small services. It goes to Franco and Candide 'asylum, sometimes go shopping or walk the stroller with sister . John is a man capable of suffering in silence, generous, deeply Christian but not bigoted, loyal, bound to his family which devotes all its attention. In his work as the military is also very attentive and contempt for danger. He is a man to imitate, that anyone would have wanted as a father. his kindness and his generosity did not go unnoticed. In fact, John is not worried for the little he had, indeed, it was a gift to others. In this case to his soldier who was home for a few months. We are in 'August of 1944, the war is coming to an end. have already landed in Sicily and the Americans have already stopped the bombing, while still continuing to the north. So from Caltanissetta, Candido writes that his grandfather was inconvenient for the family of Charles, moved to the south. However undergo hardship, hunger and all sorts of dangers. However, they also leave. On the way meet American soldiers, men of color, advancing British, but also some German disoriented, or people who hunger for sex is capable of doing the most despicable actions. They proceed by means of luck to pull wagons, rail, walking in the Naples / Salerno, 40 km, and finally the passage in Boat of the Strait of Messina with the boatmen who had all the 'air of being smugglers. But a mysterious hand guides them ... something supernatural. I wonder how many times the family of Charles

feel my heart pounding with fear, but even in this circumstance, faith prompted John to say to his beloved wife. "Do not worry, some saints will help us! They come in Caltanissetta, John introduces himself to the military district to be employed in service: we are at August 27, 1944. The mandate license until March 1945 and then went to the 16th Regiment service definitely Artillery SM Savoy and the 6th Infantry Regiment in Palermo Aosta. At the moment, waiting to set up house, are arranged by his grandfather Candido in Corleone, where they remain untilApril 1947, guests close as Candide has three children: Mary, Darius, and Lambert, their were four and six are now the Di Carlo.Per they feel the need to build a home independently and on their own. So John returned Portoferraio, to recover the stuff that had remained in their home. Find the 'semi-destroyed building, there are only furniture in the bedroom, no doors, mirrors, marble and drawers, which were stolen by unknown persons, with everything that is inside: the sewing machine, bicycle and the trunk of linen, hidden in the house of a 'friend of Valeria. John sends the little left on a railway wagon. Unfortunately, during transport, and heavy rain swing ends up ruining what little 'furniture, and now it's all low-cut veneer which is all crumpled up. They lack everything from fork to eat in bed to sleep. What do they do? Divine Providence, however, does not abandon them. Arriva l' help. In the barracks is the 'inventory, John sees the stuff to be sent to waste his salvation. Gavette, gavettini, pots, towels military tents and blankets, has appealed to us. With' permission, John takes this stuff. In Meanwhile, unable to find an apartment of two rooms, kitchen and bathroom, on Via Dante Alighieri, where he lives with his family for a short time because a day to 'suddenly collapses on the floor of a room. For this occasion, the officer can Prefectural assigns them a house in Via Roma 32, owned by the Cav. Cosentino. There remain there until 1961. It 'a big house. On the first floor: a room d' entry, living room, two bedrooms and the bathroom. Through an internal staircase leads to the kitchen, the dining room and a second bathroom. and I 'also an attic, which becomes the playroom of the children of John. In the house are a big tabby cat that children called Pigeon. Their fondest memories are tied to this house, because they are born the other four children: April 25, 1948 Emmanuel, born September 1, 1950 Giselda, beautiful eyes, dark wavy hair and brown-colored complexion white, which made her look like a doll, June 12, 1952 Gilbert, December 17, 1954 Annamaria. Lea is the largest for them is almost a mother. The little exercise is so full! There are many concerns and gl ' commitments of John. In the morning he gets up early, and five are already in motion. turns on the wood stove, to find their loved ones a warm and makes breakfast for everyone, then goes to the bakery for bread, which is not less than three pounds, and does the rest of the expense. After polishing the shoes to all his children, goes to the office on time at eight. And 'the period preceding the start of the school, he went to enroll her in person boys. Be sure to buy them the books and what is necessary for their studies. And the salary is declining, and forces him to settle accounts at the end of the month. He is interested in giving teachers for details about their academic performance that sometimes not very satisfactory. In the face of these difficulties does not come out a word from his lips, as they say picks up the pieces! So they are close, it encourages them and helps them to discover those little secrets that make their way to learn : indicates to them the words to search in the Latin dictionary to find the complete sentences them to do for them. Of the teacher, he has the best quality. John is good and humble. If someone takes advantage of his goodness, he suffers quietly and not respond is mild Gospel. Do not go around in bars, only comes out of necessity, and if he says: "I go for a walk", it was not to wander or waste time. Annamaria says that when she goes out with him, often The mandatory stop is the church.'s where it goes to to the source of paternity, to have the strength to be a father. Every moment is designed to do something useful. There is never idle, and knows no rest. In his spare time of the service, advantage to go and pick wild vegetables in the garden of the barracks. We often go with Rag. Abbate. In that same

garden also brings her children, playing with the children of Colonel Salemi, he can also boast a large family (nine children), and is a close friend of his father and is involved in Catholic Action. Remember the happy moments spent in the barracks. They look like a small army, or perhaps I should say a bevy of garrulous birds 2. The Colonel arrives on time to 'tea-time, with a large loaf of Colonel arrives on time at the' tea-time, with a big loaf of bread, a pound and a bag of green olives. We kindly intimate to sit still and silent, all around the tub in the garden. So begins a ritual important: a long slice of bread and two olives each. But those are not the only moments when they visit her father, her little ones can even claim to have grown up in the barracks. eke out such a large family and is somewhat daunting mountains of linens, cloths, sleepers, pants, socks series, and then, ironing, dusting, making beds and sewing. What you take away that long, since it never went to a seamstress to learn , for which she happens to shell out some parts of the sewing and clothes that do not fit. Meanwhile, her husband 's help, doing what he can: kitchen, appliances and clears the table, wipes, and washes the dishes, until the daughter grows that can lend a hand to her mother, alternating between the study of domestic affairs. On the evening of the winter, after dinner, Mr. Di Carlo, provides after dinner to warm the beds with heaters and jalopy. And after that the beds of her little ones are hot, goes to him to heat his last, which usually remains cool because the fire while it is consumed. And then to younger children to sleep. Mr. Charles holds a little baby in her arms and goes up and down the large kitchen, and sings' Anthem of Our Lady of Fatima. The children have a dress to go out and change to stay at home. Sometimes the dress of the greatest little brother goes to the smallest, sits in a few words at best. Butwhen they go out, watch them all in clean, clean, elegant with a little, even if the clothes are made by the mother and military coats of cloth dyed with Superiride. They go to church every night, for the blessing of the Eucharist. I'm sitting in the front row at the ends of the bench and children in the middle. No one moves, all quiet and attentive. And when you can not go to church, my father reads aloud the Holy Rosary, involving the whole family. go to Mass on Sundays with the Dad, after a bath. The mother goes there rather early, because the 'household chores await. Christmas is unforgettable in their home. For the' Immaculate Mr. Di Carlo goes to the country to collect the moss for the crib. All together we satisfied to create the landscape as a backdrop to the nativity. Mr. Di Carlo makes each of them to grasp the religious message. In the evening enjoy playing bingo, which consists of winning peanuts. A few peanuts, but many happy evenings, spent with his grandfather and aunt Maria Candido. The mother then also prepares them treats, but more importantly, by tradition also prepares delicious ravioli. And when it comes to 'epiphany, the children are not in the skin. I look forward to that day. My father left the fire burning late, because the mother must do "Epiphany" and so does not feel cold. sock in her mother, puts it: garlic, onion and a piece of coal, which are used to fill more than anything else. But there are also candy, cookies and a toy for each of them. On the morning of January 6th is a big party. The children jump from one bed to another, curious to know what each other has brought them, the Befana. What makes great sacrifices to give their children a day of happiness and happy, I really am! It is also when their parents take them to the public garden and the back, Daddy Di Carlo buy them an ice cream each. Sometimes to save money, he gave up his with the excuse that "did not suit him." And 'eating in the park, the best things from his children. He suffers so much in his life! Even an assaultbandits on the road between Palermo and Corleone, and steal some money and a watch that has tasca.Sono the 50s in Caltanissetta, in the church of the Sacred Heart, s' settle the Salesian Fathers. From all parts of the city, flock to 'Oratory boys and girls of all ages. Theatre, music, sports and other activities are interspersed with prayers. Even the sons of Charles of these are interested in leisure and every day they go to' oratory. And 'so that a day of 'summer of '60, while Franco crosses the road, near the oratory, is hit by a motorcycle driven by a

reckless. The' violent impact throws him on the 'asphalt. fractures Fortunately, this does not say nothing at home. It keeps hidden what happened to him, not to cause concern. Soon after, he fell ill the same, due to the blow 'incident has traumatized the lungs, and causes every few months a bad pleurisy. They take him to the dispensary Palermo and stays there for a few tempo.Quell 'year is very cold, it snows more than ever, despite what Daddy Di Carlo goes to systematically find the French son, till it heals. Daddy Di Carlo, always shows to be quiet and serene. It 'is detached from himself relies unreservedly to God that his faith vibrates and pushes him to accept all kinds of suffering in peace. This abandonment to God contained in the phrase: "Do not worry ..." has become for his lifestyle, which prompts him to 'intimate prayer, and to suppress every instinct, every protest or resentment. Fight with all its human potential, no matter what the Father lui.Siamo established for the June 6, 1961, day of the 25 'th wedding anniversary, he arranges a little party. They are all there to celebrate a mother and father Charles. Calamoneri Bishop, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. What is the' year of their transfer of their move to Via L. Rizzo at No. 31. And 'where I start to feel better. The apartment is where they go to live on one floor, very modern and is divided with heating.'s mother buys a washing machine and washes hand, there is the water heater, no longer used the wood stove, but gas, begin to feel the first signs of economic boom. Candido, and Lucian have already graduated, the big named Leah, attended the 'Institute of Science and younger siblings who averages, those primary school. The biggest thought is Franco, who is behind in his studies lost. Wanted teachers for their preparation. They leave a lot of money, much of the 'legacy of his grandparents paternal. But the information that they gave to the school about the exams, are false! So when Franco has to take the exams on the day indicatogli, is a blow, a 'bitter surprise! Franco can not do exams, it is hard shot. Even that day the father's mouth comes a word of protest, even comforted her mother with the usual line: "Do not worry, a saint help us?". A year later, Franco has been rewritten to school. Candide attends the 'universities, Luciano is practical in the office of an engineer, and Leah began to make after-school children. The obsession of the father of Charles and 'Franco, for whom it is important to take the diploma. The dream is to see the son of Charles graduated, going to and from an "honorable" to another, ask for a job for the children. Back in the evening tired and swollen feet for long walks. Only disappointments, hopes and useless once the result is exhausting, because everything we know 'passes from the hands of politicians. In 'October 64', Franco graduated, much to the delight of everyone, especially Charles, who want to celebrate the 'event. So, on the evening of Oct. 18, home of Charles is celebrating by for refreshments and pastries are all happy. I'm half past four the next morning, father of Charles and Leah are preparing to go to the train station.Lea has to take the train to go to Gela, where she was awarded an annual charge, to teach at the elementary schools. Charles, however, for reasons of service, must take the train to Palermo. Travel the road that leads them to the station house. 'S air is cool but not cold. While continuing, he makes a speech, that Leah does not understand. He wants her to think primarily about his future and not so much problems at home. It would have been right that the older brothers to take up their responsibilities in the 'face their future, and not settle down too much on the work of mother who must care for younger children. That morning all the talk and the speech had a taste of a will. Why? Arrive at the station, get on the train, the bag system, the Father, by the 'two down and kisses. They are the last kiss, the most precious and memorable, which they wanted to hear for all the tenderness.

Lea, has time to sit in his place, when d 'suddenly feels the girl sitting in front of emitting a cry of fear, "Mom ... Mom." Look at the window and sees his father lying on the ground as white as wax. Leah rushes off the train, takes it in her arms, but he gives no sign of life, only a strange breath. Maybe it's the 'last breath of life?Immediately rush the workers of the station. They put on a machine and quickly make their way, everyone, to 'the nearest hospital. Upon arrival, the attending physician in the emergency room facing the window and says: "Do not take it down from the car ... And 'dead! Silently take him home. " A myocardial infarction had panned. Lea is stunned, without a tear, had to be strong, to communicate the sad news to her mother, big and heroic, now the 'expecting the toughest test! On the way from the 'hospital at home, Leah looked at the father, who was clutching in her arms, and she wondered to herself for that death. Please, hoping that his father had not died, despite the doctor's diagnosis. Think back to the talk about his future ... He knew that before long, something would happen? Who knows? Because those kisses they had so much tenderness, you ask. Come in the house, the person accompanying them warns the mother of Leah, to what has happened.She looks out the window in disbelief to be sure of 'what happened and saw, in turn, claimed that her father's daughter. "Quick! He said: "Run to the hospital." "Mother," Lea replied: "We've been"! The widow of Charles now, understands, and goes down immediately, with the 'aid of the poor rise above sons of deceased loved one at home. They are the pastor and the family doctor. They are the ones who dress the dead man, surprised and saddened. The widow wants to put the 'civilian clothes, the' only one that had, since he was always in uniform. It 's the dress she had worn the previous evening to celebrate the graduation of Franco. The first flowers were placed on his deathbed who had been given to Franco. In the house are still visible traces of the feast. With painful discomfort acquaintances, friends and relatives, the visit they enter the room where you hear the 'smell, now burdened by the flowers, the breath of the onlookers, and the mystery of that death seems to adhere in the faces of those present, as a thick fog . His widow was lifted and stunned, as you hear voices that shout: "Sit down." 'S air is heated by the breaths and tears, the widow is now locked in her grief and mourning and tightens in the cold of his sudden loneliness.Mocked the death of her husband arrived in surprise, looking at his eyes dilated John. Finally he sits down and answers polite. "Yes, thank you," and she comes over a tulle veil covering her view, a veil that she did not think to use so soon, for her beloved husband. "I'm 'suffering so much," said the grieving widow: "It' took only a moment to lose everything. John he left suddenly and I am left alone to raise my children. " His is a dry tears rolling among those present. His gaze is an eternal present where still, paradoxically, death seems to have brought some 'movement. She remains suspended for a moment between past and present, between adolescence and adulthood, between the 'today and tomorrow. The heartbeat is the 'only sound that' accompanies this long and endless days, and while the tulle 's like a cocoon that envelops the sadness feels imprisoned in a house' if stessa.Il other face of Mr. Di Carlo serene as it always has been. Even the color is still bright as ever, seems dormire.Il pain pervades all of those who learn the notizia.Immediato the pool of people that pervaded the room with the coffin. The deceased remained at home all day on Oct. 19 and 20 funerals are held in the morning on 21 Church St. Biagio in Caltanissetta. Stands out on the coffin draped flag. A procession of people winds from the church, along the Avenue of the region, until the 'height of the shelter Testasecca. There are representatives of 'weapons: the army, navy, finance, police, public security and fire. Also: brotherhood, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends,

and representatives of schools and slow parade silenziosi.Era died "Marshal", so I knew and everyone called him. Respected and loved by those who do not know his name. It was enough to say "Marshal" who understood that they spoke of him. This time to prepare pot of soup was not him, but his soldiers, who for days have you visit with the mess at home. John's death has shocked many people. Including an uncle, named Michael, an able lawyer, avid atheist, archenemy of the priests, and from that day begins to feel ill and died the following January, after he converted and calls for 'anointing of the sick. The same fate is up to the canary, to which John was so fond of and who looks after himself. Time stops in this house, the same clock and then crashes, no watchmaker is able to adjust. Platitudes or simple coincidence? Dead Giovanni Di Carlo, his family, the world seems to collapse on him. But perhaps from 'afterlife he seemed, again, take care of his loved ones, within a few days Luciano won the competition at the Army Corps of Engineers of Trieste, the widow's pension comes to her children and the first contributions on the part of' Body Care Orphans of the Military, which allowed the children to continue their studies. He really miss their loved ones, who think so at all times, at weddings, when they give birth to their children. They think that John loved children, and how could not shake her grandchildren in her arms. That's the one who went away almost on tiptoe, suddenly silent, as always, no questions asked. Nowadays they still speak of him and his silence has become so eloquent. On April 28, 1997 died Mrs. Valeria, but away from her husband. On his tombstone is a poem written by his son dedicatale Candide The mother who dies in the heart is crying even fifty 'anni.E you son, no matter how strong, capable of many resources, has tried What a life. At various times. Forged And sad moments, too, you get up your eyes to the Lord For your mother dies. The face of your mother, In the sleep of death, brings you baby And you polish your eye. But you, love your mother and you would not Pain for you: In the sky have stolen, My daughter A gift for me, in 'time of your death: the day of your saint's day. Who better than you, Mother, He knew A heart of a child In the last hard Of a man? In the tomb of John, who was away from his wife, their children make the request and get the 'permission to move the body. Thus, 3 October 1997, is the exhumation. Open the tomb, the body of John is intact. To his children back to the words of the Gospel according to the Psalm which says: "The just will not know corruption." He had been dead for thirty- three years but John did not make special care, and they are there in the coffin 'valves will' gutters which can stop the decomposition process and cause the 'embalming of the body. In addition, his tomb has absorbed the 'moisture of rain above the building, and also the strain of the transfer, but this does not affect the' integrity of his body. In fact, he is there in his perfect dress party. Perfect in the folds of cloth that wraps up a half-length, intact in the features and ligaments. Still seems to be saying the same line: "Do not

worry." A phrase that resonates with so many great memories, even in dark days and blacks, at 'shade of a cypress tree, while the language of his dear s' meets light and s' with the wind rises and the memories resurface, we seem to hear her voice again and her footsteps approaching, while hugging her little ones.

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