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wersdfsdfsdagdfsb sddfdf hdf gh gfh s sdfh sdfh , Praca licencjacka'z Badania Operacyjne. Wyższa Szkoła Agrobiznesu w Łomży

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Motto: "Gateau is another world" :)

TV spot, video material:

Snapshots from capitals or most fameous european citiesc.

On lunch time People of those cities like businessmen, high class workers and students go for a breakfast, snack and coffee.

They pass other patisseries with dull and poor decor, angry or sad customers and attandants and finally they enter Gateau patisseries.

As they go inside the world is slowing down and is changing to a quiet, nice and neat place.

We are in elegant restaurant where everybody is smiling and gently talking with each other.

A couple of friends order their meals to? a pretty waitress.

Waitress passes the order to the kitchen chef? which is a very fameous person e.g. Gordon Ramsey. Then we can see how fresh juices are pouring to glasses from fresh oranges and other citrons and fruits.

Fresh vegetables are being cut and transforms into fresh salads and sandwiches.

Grains of coffee are grounded and poured to coffee makers which produce delicious coffees.

Then there is a scene where people enjoy their meals (jucies, salads, sandwiches, pastries and coffees) talking and joking with each other. Everyone is happy.

In last seconds of video appears motto "Gateau is another world".

Traditional breakfast:

Londyn - kidney beans in tomatos, scrabled eggs, bacon or sausages, grilled totamo and tosts.

Madryt - chocolate con churros - hot chocolate with cakes.

Moskwa - pancakes made of sour milk and cavior,

Paryż - bagiette with jam, croissant with raisins, almonds and chocolate. Fruit.

snadwiches, jajko na miękko i ciepłą owsiankę, pasty rybne, szynka śledzie, musli.

Rzym - sicilian oranges juice, croissant and cappucino or latte macchiato.

Istanbul - selection of cheese, fried eggs with sausage. Fresh vegetables. Honey. Sweets like honey, jam, halva. Soup "tarhana": yoghurt, vegetables and wheat. All is fermented.

Stockholm - pancakes - pannkakor with jam.


Corresponds to tv ad. Pictures of a fancy restaurants from cities across Europe where couple of friends are enjoying their lunch. On the table are juices, coffees, sandwiches and pastries served by pretty waitress with a smile. Gordon Ramsey shows text of the motto "Gateau is another world".

Promotion to boost sales:

- on friday launch "2 for 1",

- early bird coffee

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