Curriculo Norcesio Epifanio Francisco( Norsize Bestize) PDf, Manual de Tecnologia de Informação. Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM)
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Curriculo Norcesio Epifanio Francisco( Norsize Bestize) PDf, Manual de Tecnologia de Informação. Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM)

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Curriculo Norcesio Epifanio Francisco( Norsize Bestize) PDf
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PERSONAL INFORMATIONL Surname : Francisco Name: Norcésio Epifânio Francisco Address: Maputo city Date of birth: 26 August of 1992. I.D : 110100262384J NUIT: 115978322 Nationality Mozambican . Marital status: Single E-mail: [email protected] Telephone : +258 841197299 / 829844426 Sex Male

EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS ▪2017:- Developing my thesis (Geology) ▪2016:- Conclusion of the 4-year degree in Cartography and mining exploration (Geology)- UEM ▪2016:-4-year degree in Chemistry Teaching with qualification in minor of Management of chemistry laboratories -UP. 2011: - Conclusion of high school in Quisse Mavota secondary school ▪2009: - Conclusion of Basic Education in Heróis Moçambicanos secondary school ▪2006: - Conclusion of Elementary Education in 10 de Janeiro Primary School

ADDITIONAL COURSES • Course of Sedimentary Organic matter, conclusion 2014 • Course of geostatistics and geochemistry, conclusion 2014 • Training for the use of the following software: Petrel, ARGS & ILWIS, GCDkit 3, Surfer

11 GOCAD • 2016-Trabalho de campo 4- Trabalho de campo-4- caracterização hidrogeológica de rio • Infulene empregando a técnica Geofísica de Sondagem Eléctrica Vertical (SEV). • Computing: Windows 7 & 8 ,Basics Microsoft, Internet and Email 2rd level English

course at DACHES

OTHER EXPERIENCE/ ACTIVATES 2016- Pedagogical stage at the secondary school Quisse Mavota, as teacher of Chemistry • 2015- Worked as professor of chemistry at Infulene Secondary School Benfica. • -UEM (Eduardo Mondlane University) 2015- Made a survey and digitization of the museum's collections of rocks and minerals

from the geology department of UEM.

2014-Participated in the 2nd Congress of Geology of Mozambique and 12th Congress of Geochemistry of Portuguese-speaking countries.

- UP (Pedagogical University) • Participated in several scientific conferences in UP as an exhibitor. • Pedagogical practices II at Lhanguene secondary school. • Pedagogical practices I in the secondary school Quisse Mavota. • –JARC- Project - Preparation Center for admission exams. • Position: monitor of the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry classes. • Main activities: prepare the new graduates of the 12th grade for exams for admission to

higher education. • Work as interpreter of Shangana for Portuguese and Portuguese for Shangana in the

Church for more than 2 years.

Idioms speaking writing Portuguese Fluent Excellent English Fluent Fluent Shangana Excellent Fluente

Motivation and Qualities • High sense of responsibility and organization; • High level of integrity; • High capacity and willingness to learn continuously; • Ease of communication and integration in working groups; • Spirit of teamwork and pressure; • Availability of travel within and outside the country; • Ease of adaptation; • Self motivation; • Immediate availability.


• Dr Beto Boane (Pedagogical University)

Tel: +258 84043978

• Dra Aldovanda (Pedagogical University)

Tel: +258 842439971

• Dr Basílio (Pedagogical University)

Tel: +258 846436443

• Dr Magadui (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 826812983

• Dr Langa Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 820769630

• Guiamba (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 825899141

• Dr. Achimo (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 823834033/ 848597386

Juma Momade ( Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos)

Tel: +258 844106841

Rodêncio Morais ( Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos)

Tel: +258 849656525

• Dona Atália : (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 842242786

Informações adicionais 2017 – He is currently a finalist student (with a completed curricular) course in Cartography and Geological Exploration (Geology) - scientific branch - by the Faculty of Sciences of the University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) and student of the 4th year Chemistry and Management of laboratories - scientific progress - by the faculty Of Pedagogical University (UP).

Available for any other relevant information.

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