Curriculo Norcesio Epifanio Francisco( Norsize Bestize) PDf, Manual de Tecnologia de Informação. Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM)

Curriculo Norcesio Epifanio Francisco( Norsize Bestize) PDf, Manual de Tecnologia de Informação. Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM)

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Curriculo Norcesio Epifanio Francisco( Norsize Bestize) PDf
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PERSONAL INFORMATIONL Surname : Francisco Name: Norcésio Epifânio Francisco Address: Maputo city Date of birth: 26 August of 1992. I.D : 110100262384J NUIT: 115978322 Nationality Mozambican . Marital status: Single E-mail: [email protected] Telephone : +258 841197299 / 829844426 Sex Male

EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS ▪2017:- Developing my thesis (Geology) ▪2016:- Conclusion of the 4-year degree in Cartography and mining exploration (Geology)- UEM ▪2016:-4-year degree in Chemistry Teaching with qualification in minor of Management of chemistry laboratories -UP. 2011: - Conclusion of high school in Quisse Mavota secondary school ▪2009: - Conclusion of Basic Education in Heróis Moçambicanos secondary school ▪2006: - Conclusion of Elementary Education in 10 de Janeiro Primary School

ADDITIONAL COURSES • Course of Sedimentary Organic matter, conclusion 2014 • Course of geostatistics and geochemistry, conclusion 2014 • Training for the use of the following software: Petrel, ARGS & ILWIS, GCDkit 3, Surfer

11 GOCAD • 2016-Trabalho de campo 4- Trabalho de campo-4- caracterização hidrogeológica de rio • Infulene empregando a técnica Geofísica de Sondagem Eléctrica Vertical (SEV). • Computing: Windows 7 & 8 ,Basics Microsoft, Internet and Email 2rd level English

course at DACHES

OTHER EXPERIENCE/ ACTIVATES 2016- Pedagogical stage at the secondary school Quisse Mavota, as teacher of Chemistry • 2015- Worked as professor of chemistry at Infulene Secondary School Benfica. • -UEM (Eduardo Mondlane University) 2015- Made a survey and digitization of the museum's collections of rocks and minerals

from the geology department of UEM.

2014-Participated in the 2nd Congress of Geology of Mozambique and 12th Congress of Geochemistry of Portuguese-speaking countries.

- UP (Pedagogical University) • Participated in several scientific conferences in UP as an exhibitor. • Pedagogical practices II at Lhanguene secondary school. • Pedagogical practices I in the secondary school Quisse Mavota. • –JARC- Project - Preparation Center for admission exams. • Position: monitor of the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry classes. • Main activities: prepare the new graduates of the 12th grade for exams for admission to

higher education. • Work as interpreter of Shangana for Portuguese and Portuguese for Shangana in the

Church for more than 2 years.

Idioms speaking writing Portuguese Fluent Excellent English Fluent Fluent Shangana Excellent Fluente

Motivation and Qualities • High sense of responsibility and organization; • High level of integrity; • High capacity and willingness to learn continuously; • Ease of communication and integration in working groups; • Spirit of teamwork and pressure; • Availability of travel within and outside the country; • Ease of adaptation; • Self motivation; • Immediate availability.


• Dr Beto Boane (Pedagogical University)

Tel: +258 84043978

• Dra Aldovanda (Pedagogical University)

Tel: +258 842439971

• Dr Basílio (Pedagogical University)

Tel: +258 846436443

• Dr Magadui (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 826812983

• Dr Langa Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 820769630

• Guiamba (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 825899141

• Dr. Achimo (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 823834033/ 848597386

Juma Momade ( Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos)

Tel: +258 844106841

Rodêncio Morais ( Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos)

Tel: +258 849656525

• Dona Atália : (Eduardo Mondlane University)

Tel: +258 842242786

Informações adicionais 2017 – He is currently a finalist student (with a completed curricular) course in Cartography and Geological Exploration (Geology) - scientific branch - by the Faculty of Sciences of the University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) and student of the 4th year Chemistry and Management of laboratories - scientific progress - by the faculty Of Pedagogical University (UP).

Available for any other relevant information.

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