Intermediario 1 1 sexta 2, Esquemas de Inglês. antonio rosmini

Intermediario 1 1 sexta 2, Esquemas de Inglês. antonio rosmini

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Grade 5 – Synonym and Antonym Write the synonym and antonym of the following words:

Word Synonym Antonym Public Common Wet Small Melt Group Laugh Enjoy Bugs Maybe Fast Start Funny Guts Inspect Definition Speak Permit Pretty Old Cunning Powerful New Lonely Big Tell Thin Quiet

Answers (sample for reference only):

Word Synonym Antonym Public Private Common Usual Rare Wet Damp Dry Small Tiny Big Melt Freeze Group Gang Individual Laugh Giggle Cry Enjoy Like Dislike Bugs Insects Maybe Perhaps Fast Quick Slow Start Begin End Funny Humorous Boring Guts Courageous Shy Inspect Examine Definition Meaning Speak Talk Silent Permit Allow Prohibit Pretty Beautiful Ugly Old Ancient New Cunning Sly Honest Powerful Strong Weak New Modern Old Lonely Isolated Crowded Big Large Small Tell Inform Thin Slender Fat Quiet Silent Noisy

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