Mock test 2-Ispit-Descriptive Grammar 1-Engleski jezik i knjizevnost, Ispiti' predlog Engleski jezik

Mock test 2-Ispit-Descriptive Grammar 1-Engleski jezik i knjizevnost, Ispiti' predlog Engleski jezik

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1. Identify the underlined verb forms. Then paraphrase the clauses according to the instructions given in brackets.

a) I don’t think they found anything suspicious. (passive) b) She wasn’t the one of those arrested. (clause) c) Do you think we’ll get charged? (voice counterpart) d) Haven’t you seen the mess they made? (clause) e) Get it repaired without further delay. (identify the voice type) f) I don’t want anyone hurt. (non-finite clause)

2. Classify the underlined clauses below as finite or non-finite and then transform the non-finites into finites and vice versa, if possible.

a) Everyone arrested at the demonstration has now been released.

b) It is essential that he completes the course. c) I think they may not have read the instructions. d) Having been through a similar experience myself, I

sympathize. e) I’d advise you not to take it too seriously. f) Hurry up, or we’ll be late. g) Closing my eyes, I was able to see her again. h) Let’s forget about our little quarrel and everything will be all

right. 3. Identify the modal verbs and similar verb forms in the following sentences and determine the meaning of each modal verb, modal idiom or semi-modal.

a) You must get involved. b) They tend to disagree with me. c) I didn’t need you to tell me I was wrong. d) How do you dare to bring him to our house? e) Ladies and gentlemen, you may proceed with your questions now. f) They can sardines to preserve them. g) I don’t think I’ll ever be able to memorize so much information by Friday. h) She’s going to solve the problems. j) They are supposed to report for duty at 8 a.m.


i) We have to ask what the child should do. k) Not a single person dare remind him of his promise. l) They had better listen to you or they’ll be in trouble.

4. Classify the following conditionals and give their counterparts.

a) You can stay here if you are struck. b) It would be disastrous if they saw the files. c) Unless you pay they’ll call the police. d) It won’t matter if I am a little late. e) He could have easily got the job, had he wanted one. f) If she hadn’t sold her shares she would be very rich. g) If Ed has gone on holiday you can stay in his room. h) Is she weren’t married, she could have won the “Singles”

beauty contest. i) If you are thinking I’ll buy that, you are making a big mistake.

5. Provide essential forms (progressive, perfect) of the following examples.

a) He may regret his impulsiveness. b) I can’t stand her winning the competition. c) Pail reads the newspaper. d) He didn’t pay any attention. e) I’d like to know why that happened. f) It needn’t be so dangerous as people say.