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Role of Money - Economic Theory - Exam

Role of Money, General Theory, Monetary Theory, Output Determination, Rate of Population Growth, Saving Rate Affect, Technology Affect, Keynesian Cross, Marginal Propensity. Economic theory is general subject which should teach to all classes and...


This course is intended to teach some of the important key concepts in basic econometrics in depth. Reasonable understanding of the materials covered in the prerequisites (elementary probability and statistics, and calculus) will be presumed. Ther...

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Функции и виды цен

В условиях рыночной экономики успех любого предприятия или предпринимателя во многом зависит от того, как правильно они будут устанавливать цены на свои товары и услуги. Сегодня цена может определяться количеством затрат на производство товара, а...

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