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My First Year at University - Leave the Nest - Docsity eBook for University Freshmen

University life can be challenging and enjoying at the same time if you equip yourself with the required knowledge to tackle and confront the first year at university. This Docsity eBook will make your life easy by guiding you through the first year at university by equipping you with the required knowledge.


Make the Most of Studying Abroad - eBook by

A free eBook by Docsity on real life students' study abroad experience. The students already studying abroad, planning to study abroad or being afraid of study abroad, will find this eBook as a life changing scripture. Within this eBook are some really cool tips, tricks and a complete set of guidelines to have a hell of an experience studying abroad.


A Guide to Note Taking for Students - eBook by Docsity

A Guide to Note Taking for Students is yet another eBook for college/university students by Docsity to help them in their common but most crucial task, Note Taking. Effective Note-taking can benefit you a lot in studying for exams, test and remembering things. This eBook addresses all the issues faced by students during note-taking and provides solution, advice, apps, methods and a lot more, to do better.