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License and lease - Definitions

L'importanza di distinguere tra licence e lease in land law

Whether a person's occupation of land can amount to a Lease, or is merely a licence, has traditionally been of very great importance. One reason for this importance i...

Substantively - Land Law - Past Exam

Substantively, Irrelevant Material, Same Material, Additional Facts, Three Dimensional, Equitable Interest, Cases Dealing, Contractual Licence, Bind a Successor, Relevant Case Law. Land Law past exam paper.

Same Material - Land Law - Past Exam

Same Material, Easements, Very Difficult, Characteristics, Paper Based System, Important Single Feature, Commission, Benefits and Drawbacks, Lease and a Licence, Context of Land Law. Land Law past exam paper.

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Untenable Proposal - Land Use Planning - Past Exam

This is the Past Exam of Land Use Planning which includes Taking of Property Without Compensation, Hardship Exemption, Moratorium, Rehabilitation And Antiwarehousing, Overlay District Established etc. Key important points are: Taking of Property W...