Please describe the Resource-Allocation Graph Algorithm by which one can avoid the deadlock situation?

Inform something about the the Deadlock avoidance situation of Resource-Allocation Graph Algorithm ?
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"Resource-Allocation Graph Algorithm : Suppose that process Pi requests resource Rj. The request can be granted only if converting the request edge Pi Rj to an assignment edge Rj Pi does not result in the formation of a cycle in the Resource- Allocation Graph. Source:"
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"Resourcefulness-Part Data Algorithm  State edgeP when i → Third t mentioned that will process R m whitethorn requestresource Radius n ; symbolized by the dashed occupation.  Declare advantage switches in order to petition advantage every time a procedure asks aresource.  Every time a resource will be released by a course of action, assignment edgereconverts into a maintain side.  Means have to be stated a priori from the organization."
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