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Biological Systems

Brief about the function of Neuronal signals?
Does any guy know about the function of Neuronal signals? Please elaborate with some points.
Describe Paracrine signals with examples?
I am little bit confuse about paracrine signals. Would someone help me?
Brief the function of Endocrine Signals?
Would someone explain the function of endocrine signals? I have to mention it in my class assignment.
What are Intracellular Signals?
Mates, During lecture I couldn't focus on the topic of signaling. Please tell me about the Intracellular signaling. I just heard its name.
What are Extracellular Signals?
I have no idea about the extracellular signals. Would someone tell me about it?
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What is signal transduction?
Tomorrow I have a presentation on Signals. Please somebody explain it berifly.
How Signals are mediated by receptors?
Would someone volunteer to instruct me about given question to clarify my concept regarding receptors?
What is an abscisic acid used for?
Can I have the uses plzz? Details. thanks
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