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Consumer Behaviour

"Critically assess the nature and importance of motivational research."
Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Can some one determine the major role and objective of Motivational Research...
What is used for the measurement of consumer motives?
Do you know the different tools that are mostly in place for Consumer Motives Measurement?
Give an example to highlight the versatility of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs Theory.
Please provide an example that clearly determines the difference of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs Theory as compared to other theories.
What is the implication of Mc Clelland’s Theory for Marketers?
Can you explain the Mc Clelland’s Theory for Marketers in details? I need it for my exam.
Give three reasons as to why motivational research is important and applicable to the study of consumer behavior?
Can someone state the importance of Motivational Research to the field of Consumer Behavior?
Briefly explain the term of Emotions?
Please provide the detail description of the Consumer Behavior term " Emotions" ?
How to choose best Student Accommodation in Top Cities ?
You all need to shift to other country for higher studies. 1st and most important part of shifting is Residence. So can you all please share your idea...
3. What are the factors that determine whether a marketer should expand to select countries in the total international markets or whole of the international markets?
Hey folks! I require some quick help here please with my course project. I need someone to answer this question promptly so that I may finish my proje...
2. Define cross-culture consumer analysis.
My little bro is going to have his bachelor exams soon and he needs some assistance. At first he asked me this question, but I turned him down because...
What are the two ways through which consumers are exposed to foreign cultures?
We have formed a society in our college council where we provide e-resources to our subscribers related to exam material. I personally thought of incl...
Briefly write a note on High-tech to high-touch continuum.
Hey! I wanted to ask whether my question has any possible answers. I am doing my homework and I’m not quite sure about the answer I have in mind. Plea...
Write a Short note on Product recognition continuum.
Hi mates! I am appearing for the entry test of a local top ranking university and need your help for preparations. Can you suggest some standard answe...
Elaborate the The Level of Message Processing Model of a Consumer Behavior?
Provide some details about the The Level of Message Processing Model?
Elaborate the method of attitude influence-ment? Modifying or changing the criteria for evaluation.
Do you know about the details of the attitude influence-ment method of "Modifying or changing the criteria for evaluation"?
Broadly speaking, the family as a social unit is of importance for a marketer for three reasons. Mention them.
Is there anyone who could please tell me the importance of a family to a marketer provided as a social unit.
What is a reference group? Why does a consumer look up towards a reference group?
This question always gets on my mind whenever I think I have a grip on this subject. Tell me an appropriate answer so that I may be able to avoid any ...
Can you explain the level of message processing model called as Focal attention?
Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Some one determine the meaning of the preattention level of Message Processi...
What is the Disjunctive rule of Non-compensatory Rule?
Can you provide information about the Disjunctive rule in the Non-compensatory Rule?