Recent questions in Microcontrollers


Is Electrically Erasable PROM available in PIC Microcontroller?
Hello I’m new in the field of Electronics, I want to know about the PROM in PIC Microcontroller and also it’s working.
How PIC chips support in-circuit programming and debugging (ICPD)?
Hello, please someone tell me about In-Circuit Programming and the concept of debugging with reference to PIC Microcontroller. I have no idea about th...
When we will use Power-up timer with PIC Microcontroller?
My supervisor has instructed me to use Power-up timer for my project. I want to take its properties and functionality in my knowledge.
What we have to do when we want normal operation for our project?
Hello, I have an assignment where I have to discuss about the normal operation in PIC Microcontroller with respect to WatchDog Timer.
What is watchdog timer? Why it is used in PIC Microcontroller?
Hi, I have read about WatchDog Timer in an article of Electronics. Please show me its characteristics and basic functionalities.
What kind of oscillators can be used for clock in PIC Controller?
Operating Microcontroller has always been my weaker side. How oscillators can be used in PIC Microcontroller. Please show some oscillators which can b...
Give examples of different addressing modes used in microcontroller programming.
In order to transfer data to various memory locations in a microcontroller different addressing techniques are used. Give some examples with reference...
What are the features of Port 2 in 8051 microprocessor?
Hi I am doing a project on 8051 microcontroller and I need help with its Port 2 functions. Please provide relevant material.
What is a data bus?
Hi I am preparing for my computer quiz. Please elaborate the functionality of data bus for me.
What are the features of 8051 microcontroller?
Hi I have to use 8051 microcontroller for my project. Please guide me about some of its features.
What are XTAL1 and XTAL2 in 8051 microprocessor?
Hi I am not clear about XTAL1 and XTAL2 pin functionality in 8051 microcontroller. Please explain.
What are the features of Port 0 in 8051 microprocessor?
Hi I am studying about 8051. Please explain the functionality of port 0 and its different features.
What is a BUS?
Hi I am new to computer science. Please give me the general concept of Buses present in computer system.
What does array processor do?
Just a short answer would do well.