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Give examples of different addressing modes used in microcontroller programming.
In order to transfer data to various memory locations in a microcontroller different addressing techniques are used. Give some examples with reference...
What are the features of Port 2 in 8051 microprocessor?
Hi I am doing a project on 8051 microcontroller and I need help with its Port 2 functions. Please provide relevant material.
What is a data bus?
Hi I am preparing for my computer quiz. Please elaborate the functionality of data bus for me.
What are the features of 8051 microcontroller?
Hi I have to use 8051 microcontroller for my project. Please guide me about some of its features.
What are XTAL1 and XTAL2 in 8051 microprocessor?
Hi I am not clear about XTAL1 and XTAL2 pin functionality in 8051 microcontroller. Please explain.
What are the features of Port 0 in 8051 microprocessor?
Hi I am studying about 8051. Please explain the functionality of port 0 and its different features.
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What is a BUS?
Hi I am new to computer science. Please give me the general concept of Buses present in computer system.
What does array processor do?
Just a short answer would do well.
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