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Software Engineering

Any one suggest me any good book for SPM
Hetrogenity key callenge in software engineering
plz help me...I could not understand it even i tried it from internet..?
What is the purpose of exception handling in software development?
Exception handling technique is used by programmers for development purposes. Please enlist some of the tasks that can be performed by this technique.
What is the specification of Software Engineering for Embedded Systems?
I know about Software Engineering and its different quality services. I actually want to find its specification for embedded systems. Please define it...
What are different examples of Embedded Systems?
Today I got some direction regarding Embedded systems. I want to know about its different applications which are already in progress. Please help.
What are different characteristics of Distributed Systems?
Today, I got a lecture about Software Engineering and its relation to Distributed Systems. I could not understand. Please show some points.