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computing devices is an area that deals with the History of computer system from old MEchanical to the present Digital
1.List three computing devices that belongs to each of: (a) 19th century and (b) 20th century periods ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
How many passwords are possible in this system
At a large US university, student account passwords must be between 6 and 8 characters in length. They can contain upper case letters, lower case let...
Can some one provide details of the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI).
I really suck in computer science. Can some one provide the relevant solution.
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Is it possible to share variables between functions?
Is there any one who can kindly provide the solution. Thanks in Advance.
Some one elaborate ASCII as a Data Representation method.
Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details.
Explain the concept of local variables.
i want to understand the basic ideology behind local variables in functions.
Please provide some information on Data Representation method of Unicode text-code set.
What is the meaning of Data Representation Method of a Unicode Text Set and what are the major concepts associated with it?
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