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How is Anthrax Contracted?
Hi we are running an anthrax awareness campaign and I need some material that helps in understanding the sources of this disease.
What are the classes of Metabolites?
Hi I preparing my slides for presentation about metabolism I need to classify different metabolites. Please help me out.
Lambda phage can be used to cloneDNA fragments of the size?
Explain the process of Explosive detection using Plants.
Plants have very high sensing power and that has many applications. Please elaborate the working mechanism of explosive detection using Plants and tre...
Can human body be used for generating electricity for commercial applications?
Human body is capable of generating electrical signals. Provide some information about the utilization of these electrical signals. Explain if these s...
How Electrical Signals are generated in Human body?
Human brain sends messages in the form of small electrical signal. Explain the science and the generation of these signals at atomic level and mention...
Explain Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)?
There must be a person out there who knows Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). I shall very grateful to him.
What is the use of Wavelet transform?
I didn’t hear before, about Wavelet transform. Someone explain it t me.
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Explain Biomagnetic Signals?
My hobby is to gain knowledge about all fields, I have a question regarding Biomagnetic Signals. Is anyone there who tells me?
Define the term " Biotechnology" in your own words
A Staff training workshop is going to be held tomorrow at my college, in which officials from this field are joining and I have been appointed as a gu...
Mention the various application of Biotechnology in major industries.
Hey mates! Can I have an appropriate response to my enquiry so that I may figure out the basic concept behind this, please do describe it in detail ro...
Explain the history of biotechnology and different eras which led to its formation.
Hey mates! I have been in various embarrassing situations since I have joined a local tuition center, as I have been asked this question on plenty of ...
Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary branch of biiotechnology. Please elaborate it.
It has always been my craze, whether you call it love or addiction that I have with this subject. I just want more and more to learn about almost ever...
What are the promising application of biotechnology in medicine?
I am making a research manual for my organization that provides information in this field. Please help me with my enquiry. Do consider that this would...
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