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How we can setup an enterprise PKI?
Hi, someone has told me about to setup an enterprise PKI. But I have no idea about its purpose and the things upon PKI depend.
How certificate Revocation takes impact on cancellation of a certificate?
I have an assignment where I have to explain cancellation of certificates in different scenarios of data security and integrity. Please give some poin...
What are the scenarios in which certificate expires?
I was reading an article about the Certification expiration in a magazine relevant to Computer Science; They mentioned just two reasons of that. Pleas...
What is purpose of Key Backup in Cryptography?
Hi, I have an assignment on PKI and I have to mention detail of some of very important issues of Cryptography. I want some data regarding Key Backup.
What are the challenges in the E-voting system?
What are the main requirements for the simultaneously attended Electronic Voting System?
What are the main steps of Certificate Life Cycle Management?
I am making an assignment for tomorrow and I have to mention some steps included in Certificate life cycle management. Please list all of them.
Can you give me different steps in the initialization of Certificate Life Cycle Management?
I am writing a research paper on Certificate Life Cycle. I have to explain there all the steps of the whole process of Initialization of Management. P...
What is the mechanism of Registration in Certificate Life Cycle Management?
Hi, I am new in the field of Computer Science. I want to know complete process of Registration in Certificate Life Cycle Management to explain it to s...
What is the role of Key Pair Generation in Certificate Life Cycle Management?
`Hello, I am the student of Computer Science (1st). I studied about Cryptography and its different algorithms. I could not understand the concept of K...
What are certificates in the field of Cryptography?
Hi, Today I got a lecture about Cryptography. I learned number of terminologies but still confused about certificates and signatures. Please explore t...