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What is Detection Risk?
I am doing a research on auditing techniques. I want to clear my concepts regarding Detection Risk. Could someone give an overview of Detection Risk?
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What are type of Frauds?
What are frauds and what are its types in reference to Auditing?
can pepole add me please
Which of the following would a successor auditor ask the predecessor auditor to provide after accepting an audit engagement?
a. Disagreements between the predecessor auditor and management as to significant accounting policies and principles. b. The predecessor auditor's u...
Which of the following rules of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct must be observed even by a member who is not in public practice?
a. Independence in Fact and Appearance. b. Integrity and Objectivity. c. Professional Competence. d. Compliance with Standards
An auditor of a nonissuer should design tests of details to ensure that sufficient audit evidence supports which of the following?
a. The planned level of control risk. b. Management's assertions that internal controls exist and are operating efficiently. c. The effectiveness ...
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"Which of the following factors should an external auditor obtain updated information about when assessing an internal auditor's competence? "
a. The reporting status of the internal auditor within the organization. b. The educational level and professional experiences of the internal audi...
"Which of the following explanations most likely would satisfy an auditor who questions management about significant debits to accumulated depreciation accounts in the current year?"
a. Prior years' depreciation expenses were erroneously understated. b. Current year's depreciation expense was erroneously understated. c. The e...
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