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Why the value of circulation ratio for once through boiler unity?
Hi, what is the reason behind unity natural cicrulation ratio of...
How can the dust load in waste gases be controlled?
This question was asked during today's quiz. Can some give me answer to this question. I will be very thankful in advance. :-)
What should be the design consideration in the selection of waste heat boiler?
What are some design considerations while selecting the waste heat boiler.
Where are waste heat boilers generally employed?
A brief note on employment of waste heat boilers would help a lot.
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What is difference between Externally fired and internally fired boilers?
What is the difference between externally fired and internally fire [boilers](
Give some example of firetube boiler?
Any example from industry of firetube boilers will be highly appreciated.
How many types of watertube boilers are there?
Would somebody list some types of watertube boilers here please?
Which of the following is better? 1) bent tube 2) Straight tube
I need a comparison between two types of industrial boilers, i.e...
Why bent tube boilers are better than straight tube boilers?
Talking about industrial boilers, why are bent tube boilers bett...
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