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Power Distribution and Utilization

What are the categories of earthing of system neutrals?
Hi have studied about Earthing System but I want clearification on it's catagories relating to Neutrals. Please provide some referance material.
What is meant by Fluorescence?
Hi while reading my lecture slides I read about Fluorescence of light but I am not clear about it. Please elaborate it.
What are the uses of Electro Luminescence?
Hi I am preparing a presentation on Light characteristics and I need some material about the uses of Luminescence. Please enlist them.
What is meant by Electro Luminescence?
Hi while reading a research paper about light I came across Electro Luminescence. Please elaborate this term for me.
Name some method by which light is generated?
Hi I am writing an article about light generation and I need a list of methods that can be used for light generation. Please help.
What is Lambert’s Cosine Law?
Hi I have to solve a numerical in my assignment using Lambert’s Law. Please elaborate it with formula.
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What are major components of Power system?
Hi I am an electrical engineering student and I am preparing for my quiz. Please help me with the various components of power system.
How the power generation sources can be classified?
I am writing an assignment where I have to mention about the classification of Power generation sources. Please help.
What are the difficulties in the use of nuclear energy?
Please give me some facts about nuclear energy draw backs. I have to mention them in my presentation.
What are feeders?
Hi today I attended a lecture on Power Systems and I cannot understand the working of feeders. Please elaborate it.
What are distributors?
Hi, I am new in field of Power Distribution. I want to know about very basic component of Power distribution Process. Please give me some very basic i...
What are service mains?
Hi I am electrical engineering student and I read about service main lines in power distribution system. But I am not sure about their working. Please...
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