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To be or not to be?this is the question
I think to be!!i don't know but is good for me.
How people feel problems by accepting new inventions for social change?
Invention is the main obstacle in the way of social change. Please explain the reasons why people do not adapt.
Why people don’t like social change who are well cohesion with past?
Hi, I have to make an assignment where I have to explain the reasons that why people don’t accept social change and have their strong cohesion with pa...
How personal interest does not stand for social change?
I am currently taking a Sociology class in university and need help with the reasons for lacking of interest in social change because of personal reas...
What is the effect of economic reason for resisting social change?
I want to make different obstacles in the way of social change, my research area. But I don’t know deeply that why economic reasons do not allow socia...
Why lack of means of communication a very strong obstacle in the way of social change?
Hi, I have to explain different obstacles in the way of social change. Please explain different effects of limited means of communication standing in ...
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What is meant by social change?
Hi, I am very interested in the field of Sociology. I want a solid definition of Social change quoted by any one.
How you will define social change with respect to social relationship?
I have made my career in the field of Sociology, I am very new here and I want to understand social relationship and social change.
What are different factors of social change?
Hi, I have personally observed number of people in the society changing their selves. So I have an idea to make my research area and want to know diff...
How culture affects social change of a person?
I was reading an article about the change in people when they come back to country from anywhere in the world. I was very surprised to read about numb...
How technological factors take impact on social change?
My research area is to focus and appear those technological factors which effect on life of anyone due to changing technology time by time. Please exp...
What are the biological factors on social change?
Hi, I’m new in the field of Sociology, I want to make it clear to myself that how biological factors affect the change in social life of others.
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