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Inorganic Chemistry

Define Drug Regulation in a Historical Perspective?
I have assigned by an assignment on the topic of drug regulations. Please explain in a Historical Perspective.
What are the Sources of Data For Post- Marketing Safety Assessment?
I am preparing for exams and have no idea about Sources of Data For Post- Marketing Safety Assessment. Please help.
What are the Adverse Drug Reactions?
Hi, Would someone tell me about the adverse drug reactions? I have to prepare a report.
Explain Limitations of Preclinical Testing?
Mates, I am preparing for my finals in the next month. I can't find the solution to this question.
How Are Drugs Discovered?
Does anybody know about the drugs discovery? Please tell me.
Indicate minerals having silica tetrahedron structure?
I have a discussion on silica tetrahedron structure. I want some information this structure. Please show some names having this structure.
What the atomic number shows?
Would someone explain that what atomic number shows?
What the atomic weight shows?
I am little bit confuse. Would someone help me?
Define shells?
Does any guy know about the shells? Please elaborate briefly.
What is mineral?
Google may help me but I trust on docsity. Please tell me the proper definition of mineral.
How you define lattice of a mineral?
Lattice of a mineral is a distinguishing property. Would somebody explain it more? I need more elaboration.