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Difference between bearer services and teleservices
difference between bearer services and teleservices
Where is the Flappy bird gone?
The game was too addictive and was gaining more and more popularity every single day. So why did it got removed from the App Store?
What is meant by ‘2.5G’ networks?
2G communication networks use GSM setup. Please explain the features that were introduced in 2.5G networks.
What are the disadvantages of Ad-hoc Networks?
I have to give presentation regarding Ad-hoc Networks. Can someone give me at least three of its disadvantages?
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What is network architecture?
Please help me understand the network architecture.
What are the advantages of network architecture?
List the major advantages of network architecture.
What is the major challenge in multihop?
What are the challenges, that are faced in multihop.
How clearheaded acts in multihop?
Describe the action or function of clusterhead in multihop.
What is the objective of multiclustering?
Elaborate the main objective of using multicluster?
How can we prove the correctness of algos?
Tell me the ways through which we can prove the algos correct.
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