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Telecommunication electronics

Draw the block diagram of a PLL.
Hi I am preparing for my quiz and I need to learn about the block diagram of PLL. Please help.
Which are the techniques usable to reduce harmonic content and distortion in Amplifiers?
Harmonic content produces distortion and it affects the communication process. So, there is a need to remove these unwanted distortions. Please explai...
How are the parameters kd, ko and F (0) defined?
There is confusion about the electronic parameters like Kd and Ko. Please someone provide the mathematical definition of these parameters.
Which is the relation between F(s) and H(s)?
Hi I am telecom Engineer and I am having trouble in understanding the relation between in transfer function. Please provide mathematical explanation.
What is Synchronous Communication?
Hi I am solving by assignment of telecom and I have to write the definition for synchronous communication. Please help.
What is Asynchronous communication?
Hi I have studied about that mobile is a synchronous and asynchronous communication I cannot understand the asynchronous part please help.
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