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Mobile Communication Systems

What is the function of GPRS Register?
Hi GPRS architecture contains register that are called GPRS Register. Please help me out by telling what these registers are used for?
Explain the architecture of GPRS?
I am doing an assignment in which I have to compare the GPRS architecture with that of GSM. I want to know about different modification that needs to ...
Explain different network services provided by GPRS?
I have to give presentation on GPRS system and I am looking for some network services that GPRS offers. Please provide at least three services.
Elaborate different classes of Mobile terminal?
Mobile terminals are important components of GSM architecture. I want to know about the different classes and functionality of mobile terminals.
Explain GPRS?
I have read about GSM but no ideas about GPRS please explain in detail.
Name two types of SMS services?
I am preparing for my GSM quiz. Please someone explain about the SMS service types.
What are the main features of GPRS?
GPRS was introduced in 2G system. Please provide some detail about the new features that were added in GSM system by GPRS technology.
What are the basic properties of HSCSD in GSM Network?
GSM system uses Circuit switching which is a bit slow and to compensate it HSCSD was introduced. Please guide about the main features that are introdu...
Explain the basic operation of CDPD?
CDPD stands for Cellular Digital Packet Data. It is one of the main components of GSM system. Please explain the working and different tasks performed...
What are the main components of CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data)?
Cellular Digital Packet Data was introduced in 2G systems and it gives a new dimension to communication systems. Please elaborate the main parts of CD...
What are the main features of GSM standard (G2) Cdmatwo – cdmab (IS-95b)?
One of the Standards that is present in 2G system of communication is Cdmatwo – cdmab (IS-95b). Please explain the importance of this standard and how...
"What is the difference between Handoff Forward and Handoff Backward schemes? "
Call that are received by MSC are often Hand off Forward or Backward. Please give the general concept of this technique and their importance.
How large a cell should be?
It is my general question to make my concept clear, Please help.
What is the purpose of Directional Antennas?
I have no idea about directional antenna please tell me about it.
Can the frequencies be reused in sectors?
Hi, I am new in the field of installation units. It is necessary to clarify my queries.
Do we have a capacity gain using sectors?
I am preparing for exam; there is a question in my mind. Please answer me against given question.
What advantages are brought about by sectors?
I am making report on mobile communication system. Guys tell me the advantages of making sectors.
What advantages are brought about by the micro cell?`
I am preparing report on the micro cell; I have to mention the advantages in it please guide me.