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Wireless Networking

How traffic in wireless network can be classified?
Hi I am preparing a research report on traffic problems in wireless network and I need some data about traffic types in wireless communication. Please...
What quantities can be measured from CPICH?
Hi I have just studied about the structure of CPICH but I am not clear about its practical application. Please help.
What are the applications of Reservation ALOHA?
Hi, I have good knowledge about Reservation ALOHA. From different sites I tried to find its applications but have no idea how it is utilized.
What are different advantages and drawbacks about Reservation ALOHA?
I am writing an assignment where I have to mention advantages and disadvantages of Reservation ALOHA. Please give some points.
What is the purpose of reservation ALOHA in cellular technology?
I got a lecture today about Wireless Networks. I got number of points about Reservation ALOHA. But I want to find out the purpose and property of its ...
How slotted ALOHA is used in GSM?
I am looking of an example of the application of Slotted ALOHA. I have concept about ALOHA and its characteristics. Please give some idea about that.
How the Scalability of MAC is addressed?
Hi I am working on a project report about MAC addressing and I need to enlist some factors that can affect its scalability. Please help.
What are Stream Ciphers?
Hi I attent ed a lecture on wireless communication security but I am not clear about Stream Ciphers. Please explain.
What are the properties required for Block ciphers?
Hi I am preparing a presentation on wireless networking and I want to add some of the characteristics of Block Ciphers. Please provide some relevant m...
What are Block Ciphers?
I am learning about wireless architecture and I need to understand the concept of Block Chippers. Please explain.
In how many tries DES can be broken?
Hi I am learning about Network Hacking and I want to confirm about DES hacking and number of tries that are required for its cracking.
What are the possible attacks using Cryptanalysis?
Hi I was studying about hacking techniques related to wireless networking and want to know about some of techniques that can be used especially in ref...
What are the characteristics of RSVP protocol?
I am feeling a lot trouble in understanding RSVP. Please define some issues in points.
How RSVP is extended?
RSVP is updated to MRSVP. Explain the reason, why it was needed?
What is the specification for Insignia?
Why Insignia has been designed, please make it clear that how it is suitable for MANET.
What is the goal of QoS routing protocol?
QoS is very important in MANET. Please define the main parameters which provide sufficient resources.
What are the difficulties which occur in QoS routing?
I have to write a paper regarding QoS routing. Please mention some areas which are hit and can be explained.
Name the major systems into which GSM is divided?
I have started a course on mobile communication. If someone wants to divide GSM system in how many parts it could be divided?