How does ATM differ from frame relay?

What is the differnce between ATM and frame delay?
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"The most obvious feature of ATM compared to frame relay is that ATM makes use of a 53 byte fixed length cell while the frame in frame relay is much longer, and may vary in length, both in its header and its data fields. Additionally, error checking is only done on the header in ATM rather than on the whole cell or frame. Virtual channels of ATM that follow the same route through the network are bundled into paths. A similar mechanism is not used in frame relay."
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"Are bed a couple of moving over practices principal diffs. FR has a adjustable body/cell phone measurement therefore less than perfect for pairing media/loading together with Internet protocol, Standard atmosphere fixed. FR offers constrained choices for traffic jam control, Atm machine superior. In the event that compelled to choose between each,,,,,, Credit much better QOS. "
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